Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Heard a Creature in the Woods ... & a Tutorial

I did.

I've been walking a different route after work the last few weeks. Just changing it up, tricking the paparazzi - you know.

Anyway, I walk past a little wooded area on the beginning of the walk, and every day, in the same place, a little creature shoots off into the woods from right next to the sidewalk to deep under the trees, crashing around like a teacup horse.


I suspect that he is a large lizard, like the guard lizard that guards our driveway. Every day, for two years now, maybe more - a giant lizard sits in our driveway until I get home from my walk on the weekends. When I come up, he Nascars his big butt under a bush. He's like the Mr. T of lizards. He is very protective.

But someday, I will sneak up on this new creature and hopefully find a little friend. A lizard, a chipmunk, a teeny fairy like Tinkerbell. I'm sure it will be fun, like this little duck.
Isn't he adorable?????????????? This card was in my head all day, fighting with the bulls and the bears and the stock trades for attention. I refined him on my walk and here he is. His name is QUACK!!!!! :)

To get this background, you need Gesso, a reinker, a foam brush and about four seconds.

This is kraft cardstock. First I painted it all with two layers of white gesso. Then I poured a little gesso in a bowl and added just a drop of Pacific Point Blue reinker and mixed it. It was so pretty in the bowl I almost didn't want to use it.But I did. And I'd love to tell you I learned that in my classes at the Louvre or something, but I didn't. I wanted blue, so I tried it.

I painted it on the top half and waited and waited.

Then I stamped the tree from Branch Out and the little duck from Animal Crackers in black.

I used my white gel pen for the buds and the trunk, and I colored the duck and the grasses with my Pitt Pastel Pencils - any old pencil will do.

It's such a quiet, kind of lonely little scene I didn't want to add a greeting.

If I had a stamp that said it though... I would have stamped


Now, in honor of the Make Me Laugh Monday Winner - Leslie - Here is a little video for you! This is one confused kitteh!! (If you are in a reader or email, click over to watch the kitteh-o)

Hope you're having a fabby Wednesday - LOST and Idol tonight - whatever will I do??

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  1. Cute ducky with the super sized head. Hmmm can't wait to hear what this creature is. Love the kitty video. Laughed so hard. Thanks!

  2. quack is so cute and i like the tree...this interp makes it look like a charlie brown tree.

    i think i'm going to have to get that set...

    like how you're posting on FB. going to have to try that...

  3. It's like a sweet little bobble-head duckie. Adorable!

  4. That Duckie looks so lonely, he needs a friend. Loving the card as always.

    OMG, I watched that video on ICHCB last night, but just had to watch it again on your post. Too funny, my eyes are watering. I feel sorry for the kitteh though, he must have some developmental issues. Poor little thing.

    Lisa A.

  5. i'm in love with that little duck by the sweet tree. And most interested in the idea of a phantom lizard guarding the house. where do I get one of those?

  6. I won?!?!? I never win ANYthing. Thanks for the honor!

    I saw that video last night - what a HOOT! Poor, poor kitty, but it is still funny!

    Oh, nice card, too. :-)

  7. You also could have the sentiment, "DUCK" :o) I have a picture of a duck at the bottem of our basement stairs so that people don't bump their heads. Thought you would get a giggle out of that. Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  8. Quack is adorable! I am going to have to get some gesso and play around with it.

    Stealth mode, eh? I wouldn't know anything about that on FB...ROFL!

    Have a great one!

  9. That duck is stinkin' cute.

    I am laughing at the look on the other cat's face while watching the confused one- He's like "WTH?".

    Saw Taylor on Idol last night. Want to eat him up just like that blue gesso- YUMMY!

    Word: cavetab- After I desplunked due to stalactites dropping on me, I immediately quenched my thirst by drinking my favorite diet soda- CaveTab.

  10. Sure, sure, the ducky is cute, and so is the kitten. But when Adam ended up in the bottom 2, it was Panic City! And how about LOST? It took us 100 shows to find out why the really had to push the button! Altogether, an exhausting evening. With aloha, Judie


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