Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Week of Wabbits!

Well you know what today is???

Yes, Palm Sunday, but also the kickoff to my 7 days of bunnies for Easter!!!

Which might lead you to question why my card today has no bunnies.. :)

Well what came first, the wabbit or the Cadbury egg??

Clearly the Cadbury egg. In pink and green and white.

So beginning tomorrow, seven little bunnies will hatch and appear before you in various forms, ending with a very sassy Easter bunny!!!

These eggs are from Hoppy Easter from the Occasions Mini, which has started officially!!

Click here to see the whole thing!

Now - a little more on play. Read original post here.

My cats do something I've never seen in a cat I've had - and I've had a lot of years of cats.

When I play with them - with a ribbon or a toy or whatever - they start instantly purring, very loudly and purr during the whole play session. Has anyone else had this happen? Why do they do that? Is it "I'm just playing, and even though I could eat you with my giant fangs and slap chop you with my fierce claws, I'm not gonna cuz I love you and I'm purring so you aren't skrd?"? Because they never do that when they play with each other. Only when they play with me. Please share observations.

It's very odd and super endearing.

As are the moments when they decide they're going to cram themselves into impossibly small spaces and then begin fighting. The Big Shot on top should give you some scale so you can see how tiny that slot is!That's how they spent Caturday. Hope yours was great. Have a great Palm Sunday!

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  1. My thoughts on the kitties purring when you play with them....Sure they think of you as "Momma Kitty" and they purr because they are happy,and probably brings back some memories of their "biological mom" playing with them/teaching them to hunt etc... Think cats love it when WE (their humble servents) play with them! Sure they are secretly laughing at us, thinking "hey, look what I can get them to do..hehehe.."

  2. I have a few adorable furry beasts in my home and I don't think any of them purr while playing with me. I do have a kitty who likes to try to jump on my back if I am wearing a towel on my head-very strange and I have to be on my toes when I get out of the shower or else I'll have puncture wounds everyday from her trying to get me!
    thanks for sharing your art and your babies-they are so cute!

  3. LOL! I used to have this completely insane cat called Biscuit...the comment above made me laugh because I had to be super careful to cover my feet when I got out of the shower because Biscuit would like to lick between my toes...weird huh? Anyways...back to the question ....he would always purr like crazy when I played with him, or when he sat on my lap, or when he came and curled up around my head while I was sleeping, or when I was going to feed him, or when he was winding himself through my legs while I walked and trying to trip me over :) He was just the most lovingest, people friendly cat I've ever seen. I think they purr when playing with you because it makes them happy that you're giving them your attention.
    Everytime you show pictures of your gorgeous kitties you make me want one....desperately! But for the moment I will just have to live vicariously through your stories about your kitties :)

  4. Gosh...all that kitty talk made me forget to tell you that I love that card...I really like the way the coloured eggs look on the kraft cs and those two lines across the middle are just perfect! Can't wait to see the bunny parade :)

  5. Lucky you, they say "contented cats purr" but I know King is contented but he purrs very seldom. He wasn't happy with me this week, as he had to go for his yearly physical and shot plus the day we went it was raining and he sure doesn't like to get wet. Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  6. playng purring kittys in my life...but they did both PURRRRRR.
    Muffy, whom we inherited when we bought the house from a couple moving to Australia (didn't name her!!) was so funny, I would pick her up and she ONLY went onto my left shoulder..and would INSTANTLY PURR and dribble all over my shoulder in joy...if she purred, she was funny! It was not drooly stuff...just water like from her I always had to have a cloth on my shoulder to protect my clothes LOL.
    Chanel, my persian, always Purred on contact....
    Cara my dog...groans on joy

  7. I don't recall any of the cats in my life ever purring while I play with them. But I'm sure the fact that your cats do has something to do with their love for you. With that in mind, do they purr when they play with anyone else? Curious that they both do it... being a rare cat trait, and all. I wonder if cat psychology is a career field. I could use a cat whisperer for my cat who has taken to meowing at all hours of the morning/night (when we're all trying to sleep) since moving into our "new" (1930's) house almost a year ago.

  8. Ok, first, I wanted to tell you that I love that card; it is way too cute. What did you use to color them with, maybe it is my monitor, but they don't look like SU colors, or am I wrong? Anyways, I am dying to know.

    The kitties, I have never noticed if my kitteh purrs when I play with her. I will have to listen next time. They were taken away from their kitty mommy, before they were even old enough to, and you were the new mommy. Maybe they just love you so much they want you to know it.

    Don't forget to answer my card question!!!

    Hugs, Lisa A.

  9. You are asking us mere mortals about why cats do what they do? How can we know the great mysteries of the catdom (like kingdom, but actually the "proper" word)? We can only be grateful that they allow us in their lives.... (But to answer your question, no, I've never had a cat purr like that.)


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