Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Momster... Redefining Beauty

My Momster is in the top 10!!!

If you haven't heard - I entered the Blend Creation Metal for Monsters contest to design a Mother's Day Monster to go on a pendant for charity. My momster is both loving and fierce!

And only 11 votes separate #1 and #10, so I need your vote! Click here and then email them your vote if you like mine! I am #10.

Here's the link to vote.

OMGosh I'm so excited.

My little momster has started a conversation about what is beautiful among some of my buddies..

What is beautiful? What makes something good - the thing itself or the person that thinks it's beautiful or good? That should get your head spinning...

A few opinions... If you see it in nature, it is both good and beautiful. If you think it's divinely given, it's good and beautiful. If it increases joy or decreases sorrow, it's good and beautiful. Even if it's a little monster. :)

But especially if it's a butterfly. I LOOOOVE it when the monarchs come to town. My walks are so colorful and sweet. So I took the God's beauty set and concentrated on increasing joy. The best way to do that is with contrast and color. My card base is basic grey, and the images of leaves and flowers are in Basic Black. The flutterby is stamped on Whisper White in Basic Black. To color it, I first colored the whole thing with a Summer Sun marker. Then I colored the edges with my Pumpkin Pie marker. Then I went farther in with Only Orange. Then I blended all that with Summer Sun again.

I cut the butterfly out and folded it in half, and attached it with a glue dot.

I stamped the butterfly in black on the card so that the antennae would show up.

After all that I made the white spots with my gel pen. Aaah, spring.

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Have a great... What day is today? Wednesday? Where does the time go?

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  1. I voted!! I even overlooked my personal privacy/spam policy for you. Didja see this little sentence at the very end, "When you vote, you are giving permission to Blend Creations and Celebrate Green! to sign you up to our respective newsletters."?!? A marketing ruse! You are in marketing, yes? I am, too. At first I thought it odd that they didn't have a vote counter. Tabulating via e-mail is VERY inefficient. Unless, of course, the goal is to GET people's e-mail addresses for the purpose of marketing to them. Aaaaahhhhhh... I seeeee..... But for you, the moon. (The BLUE moon, of course! *grin*) I sent my e-mail because I think you should win. (And psssst.... I'm smarter than the average bear and know how to "unsubscribe" from the e-mails when they start coming. Plus gmail has an awesome spam filter so if I start to get more random marketing e-mails I can banish them to my spam folder with one little quick of a mouse button.) Now don't you feel loved??

    Good luck!

  2. Lydia,

    Wow! This card is absolutely STUNNING! Seriously, this is one of my favorite Kydia creations! Beautiful! Perfest stamp set to do this with too. Shoot, now I will be racking my brain trying to figure out which one of my stamp sets I can use to case this idea. I don't have this particular one. Ok, I am off to go try to give you a vote.

    Hugs, Lisa A.

  3. Fantastic card...I love the way those colours just pop from the gray base....awesome! Might have to try something similar myself :)

    I too overlooked the whole nasty *get your email for marketing* thing to vote for you!!! I can always banish them to spam :) I looked at all the entries and yours really stood out as something different...I really did like it the best :) YOU ROCK...lol!!!!

  4. Yvonne E. WhittingtonApril 2, 2009 at 5:57 AM

    I voted! Good luck and I also love the card. It is one that I'll be casing:)

  5. Love the card! That flutterby is aMAzing.

    Oh, and I voted, too. Hope you win!

  6. This card is gorgeous. I'm also a lover of butterflies. I love how yours jumps off the page.

  7. Wow! Love the butterfly! I actually thought you might have invested in a silk butterfly since yours looks so real! Beautiful! I now know how to use this set! Jeanne

  8. Ah yes, the marketing ruse!

    I'm not sure if I would qualify it as a ruse. Of course we are looking for new subscribers to our list. We send out emails every month to month-and-half to our list. We have a great list with wonderful people. We don't sell/share our list. If you choose to unsubscribe from our list you are more then welcome to. If you like what we offer, then stick around, maybe we'll have a promo discount on something you are interested in.

    We do try to be as transparent as possible with our efforts and would very much rather you unsubscribe then block us as spam.

    As for tabulating the votes by hand. You're right, very inefficient. We just couldn't find any other way to do it easily for the 36 entries. :)

    BTW I tip my hat to Lydia's die-hard fans. Quite the influx of votes for Momster.


    Blend Creations
    Metal for Monsters

  9. Wow! Your monarch card is stunning.

  10. Hmm - that was interesting -- the one two above me.

    BUT - I do love your little MOMSTER - it's clever and funny and unique and smart and sassy and so very much captures how I feel most days!!

    I want to vote for you ---- but I use web-based email and it just wants to open outlook when i click your picture - which does me no good. Any idea what the email address is????

    P.S. Love the card too! You totally rocked it!

  11. Hi Cassie and anyone else who's interested in voting:
    You can send a 'vote' email to m4mvote at blendcreations dot com

    And yes, if you vote, you'll be giving us and Celebrate Green permission to add you to our newsletters.

    With both newsletters, there is always a clear link to unsubscribe and neither party believes in spamming our newsletter list!

    Both Eric and I are avid blog readers and internet users, so we understand how much spam SUCKS. So if you'd really like to vote, but don't even want to see our first newsletter, just say so in your vote email.

    Lydia -- I have to say you must have the best blog-fans around. Lots and lots (and lots) of them have sent in a vote for your Momster.


    Blend Creations
    Metal for Monsters

  12. Well, I must say I am glad Eric and Vivian came on to leave comments. Sounds like the real deal with real people, KWIM. I hate that there are so many not-very-ethical spammers and marketers in the world today that make (me at least) feel almost attacked from all sides - like I have to go on the offensive to protect my privacy. Sigh. Price you pay for progress, I guess. I must say that I am very impressed with their comments and will take a look at the newsletter and decide for myself. Can't get any fairer than that, eh? *smile*

    Good luck, L. You have lots of supporters and I hope you win!!


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