Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this Monday?

You know, Monday is just compounded by having to "spring forward." I don't so much think of it as springing as I do being dragged kicking and screaming into a place where some evil version of Harry Potter stole an hour from me. Why do we do this? Why can't we be like Arizona except the opposite - where we stay on THIS time all year where it's light after work? Can I please get some support for this? Thanks.


There's a really weird looking guy on TV right now on a preview for a show called the Chopping Block. If I thought someone that looked like that guy was cooking my food I would scream in restaurants all the time. I'm so scared right now.


So anyway, I thought that our "steal an hour from me Monday" needed a little black sheep. You guys know I love to stamp the outcasts. Maybe it is all the time I spent in D-Hall as a child.

I did this card for the 2 Sketches 4 You sketch for today. It has the little lamb from the new Doodle Factory Easter Set The paper, which I love, is a combo of the Stampin' Up! Taste of Textiles kraft striped cardstock and the spots from SU! Rockabilly.

It is hard to see, but the card base is black and the tan part opens up. You can see the other sketches on the 2 Sketches 4 You Blog. (Which, by the way, has an adorable header!)

Did you ever spend any time in D-Hall? If so, what for?

Mine was always for either talking or giggling. I remember the very first time I ever got in trouble in school. I was in Mrs. French's preschool - the happiest place on earth. I was four, and the world was either safer or people were smarter, because now OSHA, PETA and the Society for the Protection of People Who Are So Dumb They'd Drown When it Rains would shut this place down. For starters, we had geese and chickens and ducks that shared our playground. Mrs. French gave us warm, just laid eggs to take home and sometimes let us go get them from the nests if we were careful not to scare the birds. Jack the goose bit us fairly regularly, and no one ever sued that sweet woman. It taught us not to screw with a cranky goose, which is something people should have to learn the hard way and not just see in a You Tube video on their Iphone.
Our thermoses had glass liners, which, when abused, shattered into millions of pieces into your milk. Again - don't break your thermos, dummy. No jury award awaits your clumsy little butt. Better find your allowance so you can get another one!

As it should be.

Anyway, so the first time I got in trouble was one day when we had to take a nap. I didn't feel like it, so I started saying silly things to my best friend, Scarlet, who was lying on her little nap mat next to me. This resulted in ME getting a terrible giggle fit, while Scarlet pretended to sleep. So I got completely called out. My biography would just repeat that story for decades. Now you know the entire story of my life. Giggling when I'm supposed to be doing something else. The end.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I saw that scary guy on TV too! He's the same one that is in the Slap Chop commercial. I think he is stalking you! :)

    I got in trouble once (just once) in band. My friend, Karla and I couldn't stop laughing. Our band director locked us up in separate instrument storage rooms. That still didn't stop us from laughing, but at least we weren't interrupting the rehearsal.

  2. Well, the 1st time I remember getting in trouble at school. I think I was either in Pre-K or Kindergarten. It was because I bit a boy. I don't remember why I bit him, I think it was back in the days when I thought that you should hit a boy to get their attention.

    I only got sent to D-Hall one other time and that was in Middle School. For cutting class. That was the last time I got in trouble for doing anything like that and it was for a stupid reason like they put me in a more advanced class then my friends and I didn't want to so I just skipped that class.


  3. People are staring at me at work because I am laughing at my desk, and work is SO not funny right now! And it's your fault! Thank you! :-) I like to keep 'em guessing.

    I was a Good Girl, and never, to the best of my recollection, did time in Detention. Or maybe I went once to see what it was like.

    But all that other stuff? The glass-lined thermos (like the one I let roll out of the car and onto the road at a Rest Stop when I was a kid, so it shattered the insides and my Dad had to throw it away), and the "learning cuz it hurts, so don't do it anymore" kind of lessons? Yeah, those. I think there are at least two generations of whiners who could have benefited from that kind of learnin' in their youth. I dread the day they are in charge of my retirment fund.

    WV: ressesti (n). I must ressesti from eating too many hamentaschen today, or my hips will be sorry(er).

  4. Ug! Kicking and screaming, indeed! This morning was the WORST!!! Next year I'm boycotting the Monday after...

  5. I love you!!! And I love your blog!!!
    I don't watch much TV, only House.
    I was a goody two shoes in school and many years after, but you should see me now!! Whoo Hooo, I am old, I can say and do what I want.
    I did have a broken thermos though and I did torture my best friend (she's still my best/oldest friend) it wasn't really torture, but she always seemed to get hurt around me, smashed finger, broken toe, concussion, pencil lead in her hand to this day, Ok I did do that one, etc. She's a nurse and I'm a stamper. Thanks for your blog!!

  6. OK--I can't resist anymore. I love to read your stuff and see your creations. You should write a book.

    Yes, I'm a Memaw (not a Granny--I'm not old enough for that) and yes, I did get detention in Jr. High. Something about I was failing Spanish so had to stay after to study. Good thing too. The teacher in detention was my math teacher--go figure. Passed math with flying colors but still nearly flunked Spanish. But I can say Taco, Guacamole and enchilada pretty good.

    Have a sweet day. Pamela Knox

  7. Dear Lydia,

    This post explains so much!!!! tee, hee.

    Hugs and giggles - Jean

  8. O.K. one more time- I've already tried before to comment.

    OOOOH, I for got what I was going to say.

    Oh yeah, I had a great story already typed in about my life in grade school in Japan and living down the street from an egg farm.

    I'm not gonna type it in again. It's not your computer, it's mine. I'm really sad.

    reedro-----reeeddrum, reedhoooo.

  9. You giggling too much? Nah!!!!! Too cute! I so remember those glass thermos days, and you forgot to mention the metal lunch boxes that were made so well they would last for more than one school year. My daughter goes through two per year, darn things fall apart.

    I don't recall ever spending time in detention, too afraid I would get in trouble at home if I got into trouble at school. Remember when "spankings" were legal? I don't know about you, but I don't feel a bit deranged because of it.

    Oh, very cute card. Love those sheep!

    Lisa A.

  10. Wow what a great card! Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  11. LOL, my hubby and I were just talking about this TONIGHT! Why can't we all jump on board with AZ anyways? I hate the time change. It always throws me off for atleast a week. :)
    Your card rocks!

  12. Hey, everybody, quit giving Arizona all the credit for being too smart to mess with DST. Hawaii, friends, Hawaii is far too akamai to get involved with all that springing forward and falling backward nonsense. We just try to remember where (when) the rest of you are. See you in November!

    With aloha, Judie

  13. Love your take on the sketch! It's a great card!!

  14. Your take on the sketch is wonderful....I love the sentiment behind your card.

  15. I love your makes me smile. My DH is always teased by his sibs for being the WHITE sheep of the family... :-)


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