Friday, March 13, 2009

The Stimulus Package Continued!

Yes, that's right. I am now in control of the economy. And there are going to be some changes.

Among them:

1) We are getting rid of pennies. They are stupid.
2) We will be able to have a single pay card instead of 8 million credit cards. When we get gift cards, the balance just goes onto our little pay card dealy bopper and we can spend it wherever the HAIL we want.
3) No more taxes. Every government agency will have to do fundraising to get their stuff done. We all "fundraise" for ourselves every day when we go to work. Wow - work. What a concept. Get off your butts, DC - I'm not paying for you anymore. You wanna sell cookies? Fine. They better be good. And if you do an infomercial with that Sham Wow freak, I'm warning you...

A three point plan oughta get it done. Less is more.

Well, unless you're talking about FUN PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In that case, more is definitely more!

Remember I told you about the Sakura Glaze Pens at CHA? These people make an insanely fun variety of pens, many of which I'm sure you're familiar with.

I'm addicted to pens. When I post what I got at Costco the other day you're probably all going to do a PENtervention. I will hide and struggle and be wily and eventually get away to play with my pens, JSYK.

Anyway, I got to play with their BLUE shades pens tonight, and even though it's way past my bedtime I'm gonna post it!! Well, and I'm GONNA STIMULATE YOUR PERSONAL STAMPING ECONOMY WITH A GIVEAWAY!!

Sorry - I got excited.

Here's what I did.

First, I wanted to send a card to Martha's chow breeder. I won't link to the story because it's too sad, but some of you may know. She needs a card, anyway. So I made this one.

I don't even have a dog, and I LOVED this dog set (Stampin! Up! - Man's Best Friend) the second I saw it. It's just so retro and fun.

I stamped the little dog in Baja Breeze, stamped off once. I just wanted a faint outline to work with. That line on the dog is a little fuzz from my Stampin' Scrub. Doesn't matter with the pens!
Next, I filled in the dog with the metallic Gelly Roll pen. After that dried, I added little spots with the glitter one from the set. Finally, I outlined the dog with the Micron pen (blue).

I made the nose and eyes shiny and raised with a glaze pen.
How fun is that? Totally makes the stamp look different. Don't be skrd to do something to the stamped images, ladies & gents!

Then I added a strip of my beloved new Basic Grey paper from the Marrakech Collection and some Pacific Point Blue Ribbon. The greeting is from Trendy Trees.

So you ready for your own personal Not So Troubled Stamping Asset Relief Program?

Well here it is. You will win a set of the BLUE shades Sakura pens - one metallic, one glitter, one gorgeous medium blue if you answer one question....
Answer any of the following - one answer per person - and I'll pick three of you to send these lovely pens too!

1) What is the name of my favorite restaurant in Salt Lake (if you have been there with me, you are ineligible!!)
2) What is my sign? (You know, like - "hey baby, what's your sign?")
3) What is your favorite craft product ever? This can be a family of products (like colored pencils, watercolors) or it can be a specific product - Glaze Pens, Gesso, the Stamp-a-Ma-Jig. BUT - you must state why it's your fave.

I will pick one winner in each category! The deadline is Sunday, at high noon Central time!

Can't wait to see what you say! Really can't wait to send you your Stimulus Package!!!


Tomorrow is CATURDAY!!


Yes, Caturday. I love Caturdays.

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  1. I'm cracking up about your addiction to pens! I'm sooo addicted to pens and know that was carried down to me from my dad--who has COFFEE CANS FULL OF PENS! Coffee Cans! And whenever I'm with him we're looking at pens somewhere! ROFL!!! But what do I have? BASKETS FULL OF PENS!! hehe

    MY favorite craft products is the BIG SHOT!!!! LOVE IT, love embosslits, love die love love it!!! Love the new TEXTURZ plates...LOVE EM!!!!

    And...I love you blog!!!
    I also agree about getting rid of pennies--what a waste of matter! :D

    have a great Caturday!!!
    Dana Keith

  2. I have a lot of 'favorite" crafts tools.
    My Genesis Paper Cutter is on the of my list.

    Love the blue dog card. It was a very sad story to read about what happened to Martha's dog.

  3. Hi! I absolutely love your blog, have been following since mid/late spring. I found you when I was googling a SU product.

    I agree with you that pens rock, my only problem is, like with most of my supplies, I want to save them for the "right" project! I don't think its ever coming cause I keep putting them back after admiring them for a minute or two!

    When you posted about Convention you mentioned Takashi a couple times, so I think that may be your favorite, not 100% tho.

  4. Oh...I thought everyone was addicted to mean to tell me that they're not?????
    My favourite craft product at the moment has to be my Copic markers...they colour in so beautifully and I am addicted to colouring! But it's pretty mean to make us just choose one ;) LOL
    I am pretty sure that your sign is Virgo...the obsessive arranging thing was a dead giveaway...LOL.
    Unfortunately I have no idea which is your fave restaurant :( Nevermind!
    Oh...BTW here in Australia we got rid of 1 & 2 cent pieces YEARS ago...our smallest denomination coin is 5 cents...but $1 & $2 are coins rather than we ended up with the same number of coins in the end...that's Australia for you :)

  5. 1. Sushi place - timbaro or something
    2. Virgo but right on the borderline
    3. Favorite craft stuff - drawing pencils, and baking supplies

  6. Love the pens too...maybe we should start a 12 step program for it?

    My favorite craft product is definitely the Big Kick. I love that thing...use it to dress up cards, tags, scrapbook pages. I use it to cut and emboss. With CB folders and Nestabilities there's nothing I can't do with that bad boy!


  7. I DO NOT WANT MORE STUFF, but I have to share the sentiment from my favorite T-shirt of all time:

    It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need, and the Air Force will have to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber.

  8. 1. Takashi in Salt Lake is still officially the best sushi restaurant in North America.
    2. You're such a Virgo
    3. My favorite tool has got to be my Big Shot (I have the black & pink one the only other cute besides of course the Hello Kitty one) - it does every die out there - Spellbinders, Quickutz, Cuttlebug and of course Sizzix. And all the embossing plates from those companies too. My cards were so plain before it.


  9. Ok, the fav. restaurant should be based on food and the obvious.... it's the BLUE Iguana?!

    And my favorite craft product is glitter. How can you not love glitter? It adds such fun and whimsy and reminds me of projects I made my mom when I was little. Wait, I still make projects for my mom with glitter(we're both stampers) and she loves glitter too! And you can hide those little 'oops' with some glitter. Now if only I could find a way to use glitter to hide my thighs.

  10. Economic Stimulus Plan- right on track. Agree with #1, 2, and 3 totally.

    Happy Caturday to you- I am still cold.

  11. Oh sorry, WORD!!!!

    proope- I don't have to use it in a sentence 'cause it's so funny just to say by itself. I'm gonna make a song "Proope Doggy Dog" Let ya know the lyrics later.

  12. Every day is Caturday at my house. The little beasties rule my world. And I dreamed of kittens last night--six little orange tabby kittens. I wonder if that means something?

    My favorite craft item that I don't hoard is alcohol inks. Every time I get them out to play, I spend way more time than planned using way more than I intended, but I still haven't used up a single bottle. My favorite hoarded craft item is Prima flowers. I buy those babies every chance I get, off-brands too, but they (along with every color brad in the world) are too precious to use.

  13. I would have to say my favorite is Copic markers. I love all the different colors and they are so much fun to play with. What a cute kitty picture. I love your blog and often times you make me laugh. Thanks for being so creative and funny.

  14. I really like your observations and whacky humor.

    I love crafting tools, but I'll be boring and say my favorite craft product is my stamp positioner.

    I'm rather anal about making sure everything is where it's supposed to be when I stamp, so I can't live without my positioner.

    So many thanks for a chance to win some cool goodies.

  15. My favorite craft purchase has been my watercolor wonder crayons! I am NOT an artist, but when I paint with my WWC's I feel like one, and if I make a really bad boo-boo I can blot it off with a paper towel and start again. How cool is that?

  16. Hi Lydia,

    Normally I would say spinning wheel since my Louet wheel is my favorite thing to get my hands on but as this is a stamping type crafting blog I'll have to say die cuts, dies and anything that works in a Big Shot! Well can punches count as well since they also produce shapes? I just love seeing a table covered with lots of shaped pieces of paper. I can sit down and start playing like they are puzzle pieces or some 3D psych "tell a story" test. Even with no plan in mind magical things and combinations can happen. Once I have that shape idea together then I can think about the stamps, inks etc. to use.

    Favorite thing to do with pens - Doodle of course - well...then color in the doodles - LOL!

    Poor picked on pennies...without them what would store clerks and bank clerks and big glass jars do for fun (yes virginia counting and rolling coin is fun - lol!)after all it only costs 2 and a half of them to produce each one! Talk about government math! Not to mention the power of the Illinois lobby(the only real bipartisan issue they can agree on!). So can a President that hails from Illinois buck (or penny) the system? Hmmmm....I bet Abe would have.

    Hugs and blessings and have a fun & furry Caturday - Jean

  17. Love both your blogs... It always is fun to see what you came up with this time!

    My favorite craft product ever? Well how cna I possibly choose... Well, to tell the truth, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those DCWV paper stacks ESPECIALLY GLITTER. I want ALL of them. I don't actually use them much, I just can't cut that paper. Maybe I always need to get 2 - one to use and one to enjoy, LOL.

    And like you I love all kinds of pens and pencils.I have more than I can ever use.

    THanks so much for your wonderful blogs

  18. 1. Takashi
    2. Virgo
    3. I love SU! line art stamps and SU! markers. One day I am going to splurge and buy the whole box of SU! markers. I love to color line art stamps with the SU! markers. I am a big pen fan too. Just give me markers, pens, & something to color and I will be happy.

  19. Here goes nothin'

    1. Takashi
    2. Gemini
    3. Ummm... for goodness sake, I can't even pick a favorite color! It's true, all my life when people have asked, "Hey Robin, what's your favorite color?" I can NEVER give an answer. Then I feel like I need to explain that there are too many wonderful colors in this world. If I pick one, I feel like I am cheating on the others! What was the question again???

    Oh yeah, product... I'll go with a pencil- but NOT because I don't love everything else!

    Whew, now I need a nap.

  20. Hey, I'm a pen freak, too! I've been collecting pens as long as I can remember, but I don't have all the Sakura ones yet *wink* :)

    My all-time favorite craft product ever is (drum roll please) my Tote-a-lly Cool tote bag! LOL! It sits atop my table and holds all of my other favorite craft tools. I like organization!

  21. 1. GOsh, that's easy - Taco h3ll (Bell), of course!! (j/k - it's sushi)
    2. SO, so, SO VIRGO - lol, what gave you away? Hmm...? Could it be an obsession with PENS perhaps?
    3. My current fav is ink sprays to make awesome colored text papers, which are the base of 99% of everything I make. I have Ranger's color wash, Moon Glow Glitz, Spritz and Mists, Glimmer Mist, Radiant Rain sprays and daubers and a couple of other brands AND the ones I've made myself with re-inkers and mica powders, too. (Oh geez. Wait - maybe I better take back that Virgo comment... seems I have a little... um... *blush* "issue" with ink sprays....)

    Love your blogs! Thanks!

  22. no answers - i can't win a blue set if there is no way to have the other colors too. i am a gotta have it all kinda girl!

    but i wanted to ask - since you are now in charge of the economy - could you also make it so gift cards don't expire and they don't have a "maintenance fee" deducted from them?
    I mean really, with all the fee money companies have been raking in on those gift cards - how could they possibly be in the hole??
    oohh-maybe that's what the govt could do to earn money?
    hmph - now i'm just being snarky!

  23. You crack me up! I'm a tool hoarder-not just pens, but punches, stamps, die cuts,paper-I have to have and then...don't use much of it! Why?!?
    So I knew your favorite restaurant was a sushi place but didn't know the name. You are a Virgo. My favorite crafting tool is for sure my Sizzix Big Kick and all the hundreds of dies and embossing folders that go with it! Who can live without one (or the Big Shot)?!?!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  24. My favorite craft thing?? I have to pick just one???????? OMG.... I am having a really tough time with this one.... I love EVERYTHING... okay, wait, just one right? Ummmmmm......Punches!! There I did it, punches. Oh, and now you want to know why??? Gezz.... why? Well, I am really really "particular" and I don't like hand cut lines, and punches give me PERFECT shapes, plus I love all the SU stamp sets that are meant to coordinate with punches!!


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