Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Made A MONSTER!!!! (And you won something!)

I did! I made a monster!! Blend Creations is having a Metal for Monsters design contest for Mother's Day, and I decided to enter a monster and see if I could win. Wish me luck & votes!

Mine is this little Mom-ster, with a baby, and I wanted her to be fierce like a mom, but loving - as you can see she wears her heart on her tail!! :DClick Here to go there and see if you feel like casting a vote for me! :) I'm #10!!

Now - let's talk about YOU, especially the three of you that won the blue Sakura pens!!!

First, there's Rachael, who was the first to guess that my favorite SLC restaurant is Takashi. Not only is Rachael correct, but I've been dreaming of Strawberry fields ever since that post!!

Second, there's Kristie, in the land down under, who knows that I'm an obsessive Virgo. Although the person who was precisely right was my beloved friend "Anonymous" who said I was right on the line. And indeed I am. I'm teetering between a Virgo and a Leo if you must know.

Finally, the girl who made me laugh out loud. Georgann Ganas, who said:

"And my favorite craft product is glitter. How can you not love glitter? It adds such fun and whimsy and reminds me of projects I made my mom when I was little. Wait, I still make projects for my mom with glitter(we're both stampers) and she loves glitter too! And you can hide those little 'oops' with some glitter. Now if only I could find a way to use glitter to hide my thighs."

OMG I laughed about her glittery thighs!!!

Thanks so much for playing. I'll get to work dreaming up another prize!!

Ladies - please privately email me with your addresses! :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. I took a look at all of them and I liked yours the best. Monsterish without being scary. Some of the artists had weird ideas of what a monster is. Really did think of little Japanese dolls flowers or kittens as monsters. :)


  2. Lydia!!! When is your birthday??? I'm teetering on the line between Leo & Virgo too - but if you are an obsessive Virgo I'm guessing you are Aug 23? I'm Aug 22. Do we almost have the same bday or am I reading too much into this? LOL

    Love your monster. :-)

  3. Cute monster...and I already voted!

    Now I am off to glitter my thighs...

  4. Great Monster... I voted today... hope it's not too late. And what a wonderful new use for glitter!!


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