Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Blue Dog

So, I promised you the story of the blue dog. And a blog promise can never be broken.

One summer I was in Carmel, CA. I saw Clint Eastwood there. He looks older in real life, and thinner.

There are many magical things about Carmel. Nepenthe, for one. Nice place to go for a drive by yourself, it is.

But one thing I saw there I have never shaken. And that’s the blue dog. Blue Dog Supersize-3Meet Tiffany. I saw her in a gallery in Carmel. She belonged to George Rodrigue, and she passed away. In the book I have, he says “One morning, I was painting in the studio. Tiffany was curled up in her basket, her head resting on her paws, her sad eyes looking at her favorite painting. My back was toward her, the slanted northern light gently warming me. I stopped my work, and unthinkingly snapped my fingers to bring her over for a scratch. But this time, she didn’t come to me.”

He goes on.

“A dog has no distance between her love and her behavior. No amount of love is too much, either to give or to receive.”

And my favorite - “Always there’s that space between what you feel and what you do, and in that gap, all human sadness lies.”

I love George Rodrigue. Taking his little black and white beloved and turning her blue. She is my blue dog now. And today, she is your blue dog.

So with apologies to my dear George Rodrigue, I give you a blue cat. :) Thanks for all your kind comments and emails.

Spotty Before Spotty George Rodrigue copy lighter

Have a great Wednesday.


  1. Meow, meow, meow :o( King in Canada........

  2. Spotty is so pretty in blue! I know how hard it was for you to lose Spotty, and I am so sorry that it had to be the greed of others that caused this to happen to you last year.

    I hope that today is a little brighter than yesterday, and I know that Maddie and Splotchy are so very happy to have adopted you!

  3. I am a little bit sadder and a little bit happier because of your story today. Sad because I would have loved to know Spotty and Tiffany. Happy because I know you and got to see some beautiful animals today.
    In memory of Spotty and Tiffany!

  4. I was wondering way the name Spotty? How did you get the photo to blue?


  5. I love Spotty in Blue! I also am so sad that you lost Spotty due to someone else's behavior. Like you my cats are my children and it is unbearable when they go. Thank you for sharing your story and the story of the Blue Dog.

  6. made me well up with the story of Blue Dog. Did you buy the painting?

    I didn't know you when Spotty passed...I am so sorry to hear your beloved cat was a victim of these thoughtless uncaring manufacturers.
    I buy Canadian organic foods for my dog.

    I loved the line “A dog has no distance between her love and her behavior. No amount of love is too much, either to give or to receive.”
    Although I may have to dissagree in one instance...if someone offers our pooch food she would discard us like a dirty rag. LOL

  7. No fair making me cry in the middle of the afternoon.

  8. Both the blue dog and Spotty in blue are absolutely gorgeous! I loved that story...even though it made me a little teary :(
    I once had a REAL blue Australian blue cattle dog...and yes they really do look blue! Her name was Mercedes (funny story) and she got run over by a careless idiot! I cried for weeks :( But I'll always remember my beautiful blue dog.
    I hope you're going to print out your blue Spotty and frame that's stunning!


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