Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today we had a birthday to celebrate and as usual, the professional stamper did NOT have a card on hand. What the heck is that? I have 8 million thank you cards and no birthday cards. EVER. I don't know why I think I'm going to have anything to thank anyone for after they all get mad at me for not acknowledging their birthdays!!


But you know what I do have? A giant box of pre-ordered goodies from the Occasions Mini Catalog! INCLUDING THE NEW POP UP CAKE DIE FOR THE BIG SHOT!!

I LOVE this thing!! It's soooo easy! If you have any reservations about getting this die because you think it's complicated, let me put your mind at ease! It took just a few, very fun minutes. First I'll show you, then share some tips.

Here is the front of my card. The Baja Breeze DSP is actually a belly band holding the card closed. You will need something like this for the pop-up because it won't be totally flat when it's closed.

The alphabet DSP is something random from Hobby Lobby for like ten cents.

The stamp is from That's Funny - one of my catalog faves. I colored it with blender pens and the ink pads and sponged around the outside with Chocolate Chip. So far, pretty ordinary.

But open this sucker up and....!!!

How freaking cool is that??? A 3D cake???

I am loving it. And I think the whole card, including stamping and squealing between steps at how cool it was took 10 minutes.

My tips are - use Sticky Strip, not any other adhesive. When it tells you to put Sticky Strip on a tab, put it on the WHOLE Tab. I cut mine too short the first time, and it doesn't pop up right if you do that. Plan your colors in advance when you are cutting the pieces - the long strip you cut goes on the outside of the bottom layer, the second in the middle, and the shortest on top. I cut mine wrong at first because I wasn't visualizing it finished. Now that you've seen it, you'll know what I'm talking about! This was so much fun I had to stare at it for a while when I was done.

Then my fabby sister in law came over with the world's best cupcakes AND LOOK - THEY EXACTLY MATCHED MY CARD!!! Thanks Jessica!!
Hope you have a great, time-change Sunday. I'm sleepin' in.

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  1. what a cute card. I love that die cut. Is it a SU! exclusive?


  2. Cute card (and yummy looking cupcakes)!

    I wish we were sleeping in, but alas Little Miss is getting to sing in church today so we are up already! Hope you have a wonderful day, and I can't wait to start squealing with that die as well.

  3. Love all the matching! Fun idea.


  4. I am so not sleeping in- bummer. Never happens any more with kiddos and a spouse that just expects you to get up at the crack of dawn EVERY morning! If I sound bitter it's because I am. Sorry about the bad mood. BUT......

    looking at this 3-D cake card lifts my spirits. It's way cool- sounds like you are excited about it! Thanks for the tips on how to use the die and how to assemble.

    Think I might have to look into Microsoft Live Writer. The only thing I hate about blogger is uploading photos and placement.

    Have a grrreat Sunday Kydia!

  5. OMG, now I am doing the Poopy Puppy Happy Dance! Microsoft Live Writer can be downloaded for free! Whoo-hooo!

    Thanks for mentioning it, my day is getting better- I guess i need to read your blog every once in a while today to maintain some sanity!

    Or maybe not;)

    Tell us what else you like about Live Writer when you can?

  6. Cute the colours!
    Sleep in? always wake up when I wake up...what does that mean?
    LOL..I know , weird life style.

    WV of the day...DIZATIW
    as in...
    DIZATIW love or hate having someone identical in their lives?

  7. Sleep? Whazzat? So over-rated ...

    I do NOT need the Big Shot ... I do NOT need the Big Shot ... 10 minute card? I do NOT need the Big Shot ... I do NOT need the Big Shot ...

  8. Leslie might not need the Big Shot, but I do!!!! That card is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I really like it?
    I am crossing every part of my body that it's possible to cross and praying daily to the stamping gods that SU! in it's mighty wisdom (LOL) sees fit to give us poor hard done by Australians that Big Shot. We need it....badly (that we is the royal we of course...meaning ME).
    I'm loving that stamp too...I know a few people who could use that on a b'day card this year :)

  9. Lydia,

    Cool card. Wow, you must have pre-ordered that new stuff pronto! I am just getting around to it on Monday. Oh, FYI, the other new 3-D di-cut (the ball) is NOT stampin up exclusive! I saw it for sale on an online store already. It was in the Sizzix colors. I sure hope SU headquarters know this!

    Lisa Atha

  10. super cool!
    i laughed at that stamp when i first saw it! when i was in college the power went out during a rainstorm. we had no flashlights but we did have a large chunck of banana nut bread my mom had sent me and the gal across the hall had birthday candles. So we loaded up that chunk of cake until it was full of candles just like the cake on your card! the smoke that thing emitted was CRAZY!!! It set off the smoke alarm and that was bad, bad, because no candles were allowed in the dorm. I think of that night every time I see that stamp!!

  11. Ok, I went back to surf the online stores wherer I thought I saw the SU 3-D ball di-cut that is coming out soon, and I could not find it. However, I did see the cake die-cut being advertised on the Sizzix website saying that it is coming soon. I wish all of our sizzix die-cuts were exclusive to SU, I think they would sell better. Just my thoughts.

    Lisa A.

  12. those cupcakes are so beautiful I want to cry (but mostly because I want to EAT THEM, but they are not here with me).


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