Friday, March 6, 2009


Wouldn’t it be cool if they did? There are so MANY of them this time of year.

What if there was a really rich king of Bunnsylvania that would give America a dollar every time a baby bunny was born? Oh wait – our politicians would spend it on corn dog subsidies or studying the cave mouse that lives under Trump Tower. Nevermind. That was a terrible idea.

Well King of Bunnsylvania – if you give ME the bunny bucks, instead of giving them to America, you know what I would do? I would take it and I would give all it to the company that did one of these things first, creating millions of jobs and restoring consumer confidence:

  1. Created a pay per channel cable/satellite program so I didn’t have to have 600 channels of women killing their husbands, 4000 ESPN’s and 10,000 porn/reality/daytime trash to flip through on my way to the two shows I actually watch. (I’ll give you all a moment to sit down from the standing ovation.)
  2. Started a cell phone company that let you:
    1. Pay month to month
    2. Buy a new phone WHENEVER THE )#(*&$ YOU WANTED TO instead of just during the magical upgrade season during which you become an American again, after being a pathetic slave to the new world order for the other 364 days when you are “not allowed” to BUY A PHONE FOR BUNNY’S SAKE - SHEESH.
    3. Actually hear what was being said.
  3. Made a laptop that weighs less than I do and also does not burn my knees.
  4. Gets rid of spam and/or porn.
  5. Invented an Animal Channel where no animals ever get eaten or chased or bit by snakes. Seriously - what sick freaks like THAT ending? Come on Animal Planet. Can it with the circle of life crap. Nobody likes it.
  6. Makes more bunnies!
  7. Gives me a lemur, a meerkat or baby fox. (I would also accept all three)

I’m not really clear on how 6 & 7 will help the economy, but they will really make me happy. I’m fairly certain that happiness and the economy are related. So here we are back again at baby bunnies saving the economy!!!!!!!!!

These bunnies were a blast. They are all from the new Doodle Factory Release for Easter. I took some of them and used shrink plastic to make them babies. Look how freaking cute they are!!! I really should have saved this for Easter as it appears from their clothing (kids are nekkid – that figures) that they are on their way to Church!

The card base is Kiwi Kiss, with Raspberry Tart and Cameo Coral for the "hill". I colored the bunnies with my blender pen and Cameo Coral and Kiwi Kiss ink pads.

Here's a pic of the whole set. Does this not just make you giggle?If you want to win this set, Tracey is giving one away - just click here to read how to win!

If you don't win and want to buy it, don't forget to use "SAVETENLF" at checkout for 10% off!

Then, pat a baby bunny for America!

Got some hilarious pics of the beasts I will share tomorrow! I know you are clamoring for the beasts!

I will also reveal What's in the Egg for the Understand Blue Stimulus Package, so if you haven't guessed yet, you've still got time!



  1. Oh Lydia, I so needed to wake up to read your post this morning! And #6 and #7 could definitely stimulate the economy. More baby bunnies would need extra carrots, so we would take our money to buy them from sustainable, local farmers. And baby meerkats, foxes, and lemurs would all need a variety of toys, cute little beds, blue food dishes, etc., once again encouraging us to put $$ back into a happy merchant's pocket.

    I want in on that cable company as well, can I just order Food Network, Discovery Channel, and Boomerang please?

    The card is adorable! Great idea to make baby bunnies with shrink plastic! Hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for brightening mine!

  2. Love what you did to make the baby bunnies. I'm in search now for my shrink stuff.


  3. The shrink plastic bunnies are so freakin' HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! LUV them!

    Ummm, did I say that out loud?

    In case you haven't heard - "The shrink bunnies are HOT, HOT, HOT".

    On to the regular programming of "Hey Sugars, Lisa Likes It!".

    Now for my leetle friend. No, it's not a gun in my pocket- it's something else.

    Get your mind outta gutter- go to and download (for free) the most fantastical thing that you (just you Kydia) will ever see. Look under the "photography" tab.

    Another present- I am so sorry but we ran out of Thin Mints, I DO, however have something that would be great to dunk in that Starbucks creme, latte, venti venti, creme thingy of yours. By way of Girl Scout Cookies. PM me your address.

    I need to PM you about the "blue" animals. I feel really strongly about some animals that I have known and loved. But the "confuter" has been preventing me from doing that.

    I love you man!

  4. Those baby bunnies are just too cute!!! I'm with you on all your great ideas for saving the economy...I actually think you should run for president of the world! Imagine how much nicer everything would be if you were in charge...LOL!
    The cable tv thing is a great idea...this is exactly why I DON'T have cable...I know, it's shocking, but I don't want 20 channels showing sport just so I can watch classic movies...sheesh, what's with that????
    And if you find someone who's giving away meerkats let me know...I sooooooo want one too :)


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