Monday, March 30, 2009

The Blue List, Baby!

Okay - for those of you that are new, I have something that I call the Blue List. It's a list of things I love. Unfortunately, I do not have Tiger Woods style endorsement contracts - these are just some of my fave consumer products. It's like a kajillion 4011 times better than Oprah's "O" list for the following reasons:

1) Very few of us can spend - "O"- $450 on 1/4 oz of some sort of exotic eye cream, or lavender flavored truffles from the Isle of Man. That's stuff for more of a "O- I'm sorry you're not a billionaire" list.
2) I'm smarter and I've read better books.
3) No one shops or cooks for me (dang it!) so I actually know what I'm talking about.
4) I can't stand Dr. Phil. There, I said it. That needed to come out. I feel liberated.

Oh PS - and totally unrelated - did you see THAT MR. SLAP CHOP GOT HIMSELF SLAPPED BY A HOOKER??? That is what I'm talking about! I knew women wouldn't be able to take this for very long without SOMETHING going wrong!! Sorry Vince - I knew that one line spelled doom for you buddy. Hope you've learned your lesson.

So anyway, very few things make it onto the Blue list - I gotta REALLY like em. So today, I have three things I'm adding - the first one because many of you asked about it and I need to share.

#1 - the Magpie storage system for my pens, that turned me into Penerella... Click the link to see it on, which is where I got it. at the time, they had the cheapest price. I have three of them, and each square stores 30 copics, 40 SU Markers, about 45 Sakuras - you get the idea. Each one has 9 squares, and the little drawer is adorable. I believe it also comes in white, and it's very well made and takes up very little space.#2 Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini Peel. Here's the scoop. It is not making me look like Catherine Zeta-Jones, unfortunately. It is not turning back time or making people shriek that I'm getting younger right before their eyes. I'm not sure it's doing anything other than making me happy - but check this out. IT GETS HOT WHEN YOU TOUCH IT TO YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even kidding. Get your face wet, put it on your hands, rub it on your face and BAM it gets really super warm!! I wash my face like 30 times a day now!! I love it! You gotta try it. There's nothing like it when you're tired after work or a workout or you need to wake up in the morning. You will thank me later.

#3 Except for the odd guilty pleasure, I hate processed food. I'm a bit of a purist. But where I work, we have a garage that it takes ten minutes to get in and out of, so there's half your lunch hour. And as you know, I have a lot going on, so I don't always have a home cooked leftover to bring myself for lunch. I sure wish I had a wife! So I'm always looking for something yummy I can have on hand when I need to make stock trading videos and eat at my desk. Well boy did I find it.This is completely crazy good. It had some semi cooked noodles, this insane peanut sauce, little veggies and crushed peanuts that you just microwave and put together. OMG. They have a zillion other flavors too. What super fabby is they are shelf foodies - no freezer. I got mine at HEB so maybe your grocery store has them. I think you can also order direct from their website - here or Amazon.

Back with a card and some fundraiser pics tomorrow - the fundraiser was AWESOME! We're doing another one in the fall if you missed it! (Hey Jennifer!!!!)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Discovered the Olay stuff about a year ago- for me, almost 50, it DOES do wonders for my skin.

    I HAVE to believe in something, right? I like the heat, especially in the shower- feels wonderful and does give my skin a nice texture (gee, "texture"- am i talking about food or somethin'?)

    Hubs would like the peanut noodle thingy- I might. I am like you in that I fix mostly fresh food- got in the habit when I gave birth.

    Sorry i missed the fundraiser, sorry that i for some reason, have to go back and capitalize "i".

    I do this on all mi tiping. i am tired of capitalizing i's so i won't do it anymore.

    That's what the iRS has done to me.

    Word: licasol- sounds what is yelled on a mountaintop after after having a sore throat----"lical---sol, lical-sol"

    I am sure that it would not sound right unless you were Swedish, German, or Licalsoltanian. You must be dressed right for these kind of endeavors. AND have the national background.

    P.S. Does the iRS exist in these countries?

  2. Hi!!!!
    Why am I not surprised you LOVE the simply asia pasta too. i looked and looked for a noodle with peanut sauce so i've tried a million and this one is the best!


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