Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Understand Blue Stimulus Package

No, no hidden amendments that mandate federally funded glitter. No grants to develop anti-bacterial shoelaces made only at a factory in someone’s home district of Telephone, Texas. No new laws forcing all of us to buy light bulbs powered by tiny fairies that clean the environment with their wings while simultaneously cooling the boiling hot earth. (Which is freezing this morning, by the way.) None of your tax dollars are in this stimulus package. It’s just free stuff. From me to you.

What do you think about that?

All you gotta do is guess what’s in the egg. Be the first. Feel free to make me giggle. I can tell you that what is in the egg is in the current Stampin’ Up! Catalog, but that is your only clue.

art walk 936 copy

So, post your guess as a comment by Friday night at the stroke of midnight, Central Standard Time, and the first person to get it right wins a $30 customer direct order of anything they want from the big catalog, or any of the Easter stuff that is available from the Occasions Mini catalog right now! Have fun!

Now, while you’re guessing, enjoy a few things from my backyard last night. The flight path of a departing Southwest Airlines Jet.  art walk 931 copy

A roosting White Wing Dove.

art walk 935 copy

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh! Sock monkey with bunny ears on??? Too cute!

  2. Oh, those are the sock monkey's ears, all right, but that's not who's wearing them. It's that devilish-looking bear from "Under the Stars" ready to jump out and scare the bejeesis out of us. That's why the Jack from Card Games is laughing so hard.
    Love your blog, Lydia. I check it daily for my dose of humor and/or art!

  3. You are toooo funny, that's why I subscribe and visit regularly!!!
    It must be the sweet baby bear from Cute & Cuddly :)

  4. I know it is the sock monkey's ears, but the "blue" Easter kitty!
    You are toooo funny, that's why I subscribe and visit regularly!!!

  5. I think the bumnny from the new mini Easter set (the name escapes me at the moment) is what is inside the egg.

  6. Wendy (songbirdwc)March 5, 2009 at 8:29 AM

    Well, it's definitely Sock Monkey's ears... but it could be sock monkey (though he's too big)or more likely a bunny from the Eggcellent Easter set (or another bunny from a retired set lurking in the depths of your stamp closet).
    Love your blog, Lydia! - and especially your two furry wonders - who remind me of the cat I used to have (and still miss).

  7. I agree with the others about the sock monkey :)

    I also wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! I laugh out loud all the time and look forward to my daily dose of blue! :)


  8. Oh, no! The baby chick from A Good Egg just sprouted ears! Wish it was a chocolate rabbit, but SU doesn't carry them. I'll be back several times to get a laugh from the comments! Thanks!

  9. P.S. This isn't in the catalog, but a great saying to go with the card is "A true friend is one who knows you're a good egg even if you're a little cracked".

  10. I, too, subscribe daily to your blog because I love your quirky sense of humor! We lived in Austin for a couple of years after we were first married for my hubby to finish at UT, so I also enjoy views of Austin from your eyes. Thanks! I think the T. Rex dino from the Prehistoric Pals set is what you put in the egg. It just fits with your sort of "surprises!" Have a sunshine-y day!

  11. My guesses would have been:
    Maddie, Splotchy, a vermont teddy bear, the wasp that terrorized you, a rotory dial phone, or a lamb from the Ranch.. until you said it was in the current catalog. Damn!
    I think the big skull from Just Jawing would be funny with bunny ears!! Okay, so I never win anything...

  12. I think it might be an owl from the Owl Together Now set. Or it could be the elephant from the Wild about You set. I would love to see the bunny ears on the elephant! I hardly ever win anything.

  13. Ha ha! I do so enjoy my daily dose of laughter in the color of blue! I think it is the chick from a good egg (colored blue of course!)with the sock monkey's bunny ears because in trying to be incognito. Thanks for your daily posts-I love coming to your blog!

  14. It's probably the leprechaun from "Pinch Proof" because when you close the catalog, it looks like he's "in" the egg. (You have to look at it like you did when you were a kid and you were trying to see if the refrigerator light really DID go out when you closed the door, so you'd put your face right next to the door and hold it really, really close, and then start shutting the door, but you never could REALLY tell, because the door was too wide and your eye wouldn't fit into that space....)

    And I agree with the other comments - I LOVE to visit your blog for the stamping and the humor and the CATS! There have been many times when I've been laughing out loud at something you've said, and my husband will come from the other room and want to know what's going on... (if only he knew)! :p

  15. Hmmm....something with big ears that is cracking out of its' shell. Sounds like I am describing myself. But I doubt you are THAT tricky. My guess is a dog from Man's Best Friend.

  16. Okay I think it's the owl from Goody-goody Gumdrops, with bunny ears of course, all ready for Easter! Clara

  17. You are always up to something my friend - I will say it is the chick from " A Good Egg" and of course it is painted BLUE......Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  18. As funny as you are what REALLY cracked me up today was everyone's guesses!!! I have no idea what's in the egg, 'cause I'm not lucky enough to have a current US catty...but I'm looking forward to finding out...I'm sure it will be hilarious :)

  19. Well, as everyone noticed, those are clearly sock monkey's ears, but he's too big to fit inside this egg. You say it is in the current catalog, so I don't think that means the mini. Whatever it is, it is blue for sure! I'm going to guess it is the little duck from animal crackers, cause you sure "quack me up!"

    -Your twin in MD, Theresa

  20. Oh my gosh did you get that picture of me with my bunny ears doing the annual Bunny Hop?? OK I'll pay YOU 30 bucks not to show that pic.. ROFL.. :)

  21. I know it's gotta be that huge melon-head duck from Animal Crackers! I tried to post this morning, but couldn't do it from work. Yep, that's what I do at work! I have my daily website reads: Stampinup, splitcoast, totallylookslike, and understandblue!!! Thanks for getting me through my days. I'm a little empty inside on days you don't update. It's like starting your day without coffee!

  22. I think there is a bunny hiding behind the egg, but inside the egg has to be a bird -- blue, of course, so it must be a blue owl, found on page 175 in the designer hardware.

  23. "Playboy Bunny" egg.

    My word: reledess

    Said with a nasty cold: " Kydia, you are reledess when id comes to posding- I luv your blod- you are so fuddy and by da way, "do you hab any kleenex?"

  24. OMG, it worked! Do you know how many times I have commented on your posts and because of my computer (or Ray) they have not worked! Yippee-skippee!

    By da way- I shot the offender concerning the lack of computer "outage" lately. Was it Ray or the computer?

    WORD: verso

    I always use "verso"mark on my cards and I mean, really, nobody can tell the difference.

    How about: posh-like- "My dear husband had a versoctomy quite recently. Dahling- he was block and blue. Quite alaaaarming!

  25. Ink-Pattie FultonMarch 5, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    I think it's the Animal Crackers bunny, "ears wishing you a happy day". Boy, did I have to go on a search for my catalog! And I just got it a few weeks ago...and it was right next to the laptop...

  26. I think it's glitter! And knowing your humor.. probably blue glitter.

    - Peggy, a faithful follower

  27. Faithful FollowerMarch 6, 2009 at 8:28 AM

    Hmmm..... the birdie from Good Freind? He would so not fit in the egg, but that's why it's cracked- he's bustin' out!

  28. My daughter thinks it's a puppy. Not the Bark Bark Puppy, but the Dog-gone puppy. (Her exact words- she's five!)

  29. GLITTER! It's gotta be glitter ... especially the BLUE kind! Glitter makes everything happy. Maybe some (LOTS) should be sprinkled on the economy!

  30. I'm another HUGE fan!! I think it's the sheep from Pun Fun with a blue heart of course :)


  31. OK. These are my guesses.

    It might be the whale from Pun Fun, or The giraffe, penguin, or birdie from Animal Crackers.

    Or the cute teddy bear from Cute & Cuddly, or the hippo from Zoofari.

    Well, that's my scientific guess based on the size of the egg.




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