Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hurry Up!

No, please don't.

Is there anything more stressful than hurrying?

I was in the grocery store the other day and a woman was yelling "Hurry up!" to her son, who looked like he was maybe 3. He had found a bug crawling around by the grocery carts and was in that classic scientific toddler pose, knees bent, butt almost touching the ground, elbows bent, head down.

Hurry up and miss studying a bug for the first time? Hurry - discover everything in the world with new eyes FASTER because I have somewhere to go??

I absolutely cringe when I hear people yelling at their kids to hurry. It seems like America has imposed its impossible schedule on the teeny ones, and I think that's sad. I don't remember ever feeling rushed as a child. I don't remember my parents telling me to hurry up or running from place to place in the car. I remember tons of time to just discover things, mostly on my own or with my fellow troublemakers in the neighborhood. The only ruling schedule was our dinnertime, which always came right when I found the perfect spot for hide and seek or dead in the middle of a football game my team was winning with our mad skills. Yes, mad skills. Don't mess with me. I was the quarterback for the Packers WAY before it was cool.

Don't yell at them to hurry. They're brand new. They haven't seen anything yet. What would you not give to be completely fascinated for ten minutes by a bug under a grocery cart and not have any other care in the world?

Think about it. Let em have ten minutes. They'll never get it back.

You probably need ten minutes without another care in the world. I think you should make this card. :)This is my contribution to our Sale-A-Bration stamp camp today. I wanted something with some super bold colors and patterns, which Stampin' Up! has been nice enough to give us in this new catalog.

The card base is the kraft striped piece from the Taste of Textiles. It's really sturdy and perfect for a full card. Then the Urban Oasis gave me the black squiggly bit and the polka dots are from the Rockabilly collection. I saw this card by Julie Davison and loved her layout and the rounded corners on the edge pieces, so I borrowed it. Thanks Julie!

The heart from Polka Dot Punches is stamped on Kiwi Kiss and popped up with dimensionals.
What will I do when Kiwi Kiss and Pacific Point Blue are retired? Tie myself to the SU! production line until they agree to make them permanent colors? I don't know. Maybe. You didn't hear that from me.

The pennant with the greeting from Sense of Time (inspired by rush-y grocery mom) is snuggled around the button with the help of my 3/4" circle punch. Just a nice finishing touch.

Slow down. Stamp something. Have a fun lazy Saturday.

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  1. I am sooo with you on that Hurry Up thing. What a shame that a kid is not allowed to be a kid any more.

    Hey, I love the rounded corners! I saw that somewhere else, too (not on the SCS card to which you linked). I may have to steal the design for my April Stamp Camps. :-)

    Oh, and I'll be there with you staging the retirement protest for Kiwi Kiss and Pacific Point.

  2. Love the card, love the sentiment! I've definitely got that on my list! And I'm with you on the colors.... I'm already planning on getting extra batches of those two, plus Baja Breeze. And Riding Hood Red. Nuts!

  3. Thank You, thank you, thank you! My sentiments exactly. We are in such a hurry that we have forgotten how to enjoy! Great card.

  4. Oh, I am so with you too with the hurry-up thing. My husband does that to our daughter and I have to hush him up. I do have one exception though, my daughter takes her Nintendo DS with her everywhere, and will stop walking in the middle of a parking lot while she is concentrating on a game. So, either rush her, or let the cars hit her.

    Cute card! I hear you on the colors, I am still mourning Purely Pomegranate and Wild Wasabi.

    Lisa A.

  5. Awesome card! That is such a cool trick with the circle punch, I've never seen that and will definitely try it! I totally agree with your thoughts on *rushing*! I also remember playing outside every evening with my friends, making up our own games and I don't think kids do that anymore, so sad!

  6. Love the circle punch trick too! Don't you just love how kids are creative and see things in a perspective that we often lose as adults? I remember riding through dairy land with our daughter singing happily in the back seat of the car when she suddenly called out "WOW! Look at the giant marshmallows!" We looked out the window and sure enough there they were... we hadn't noticed them because all we saw was giant bales of hay wrapped in white plastic!!
    Love your work, keep on sharin!

  7. I'm all about taking time to smell the flowers and appreciate all that is around me, you, them, etc...except for when it comes to my UPS driver...or those wonderful SU folks packing the boxes with all my cool goodies that I NEED...really, let's be honest...we want THEM to HURRY UP...right?? :-)

  8. Well, here's a huge THANK YOU for helping me to remember that my son is only 5 and should have all the time he needs to just be a little boy. I just realized that I am that rush-y grocery lady but only in the morning when we're getting ready for school. That seems like the only time my little man is slow. Hmmmmm, wonder why it's only before school... Anyway, thanks, as always for your incredible insight AND your fantastic art!

  9. Ok now I feel like a terrible parent. But do you have any idea how freakin long it can take a 3 yr old to climb into his carseat by himself. Aaaaaaah. Ok, I'll try...


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