Saturday, March 7, 2009

Understand Blue Stimulus Package Revealed!

First – a confession. I’ve started using Microsoft Live Writer to post to my blog. Do any of you use this? I did it mainly to see if I could avoid the stupid Blogger thing where you have to add one photo at a time and you can’t really truly control the layout. I will say Live Writer is better for this, for example, behold the cool grouping of beast pictures that I could upload all at once – Maddie reaching for Splotchy’s paw, Splotchy’s perfect camouflage on my rug, all nicely put together and not painfully added one at a time. That is really nice. And I can add video, maps, etc. So as I get used to it I will share anything I think is cool and anything I think is not.

You know what’s cool? You guys are!

I LOVED all the ideas!! T-REX??? Brilliant!! Don’t think I won’t be using that idea!!! Too hilarious. Super creative answer also about closing the catalog!! LMAO over you describing “yourself”. And I smiled because I haven’t used that sheep with the heart for a while.. Love him. Extra credit just for mentioning Vermont Teddy Bear and the wasp!!

But my winner, and really, I have to say I’m shocked that someone guessed at all because it’s so different for Easter, so a SUPER standing O for JeanFB!!! She was the SECOND comment too! Amazing!

Well Jean, you have won a $30 customer direct order! Email me!

Here’s your card, which will be mailed to one of the people who made a comment, and emails me their address first! :) Gotta be email – please don’t (for your own protection against spammers!) leave your address in a comment.

I thought it was so funny that so many of you had to make sure that whatever you guessed fit inside the egg – ME TOO!!! Hilarious.

If the bear fits, wear it!!art walk 938 copy

art walk 960 copy

I cut the basket handles with a kraft knife to put his paws throughl…

Thanks for everyone who entered the contest!!!!!! You guys are hilarious.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Hey, missy! Ya know Blogger will let you upload more than one photo at a time? I do it every time I upload. Just click on the "Add another image" button. ;-) But it will NOT let you angle your photos like you did here with your furry ones.

    LOVE the bear! :-)

  2. Oh darn, you mean I have to learn how to learn something new right after I just figured out how to add a you tube video to my blog!?!

    Love the look.


  3. LOVE the bear!! Love your out-of-the-box style! And thanks SO much for the blog candy!!! It was so neat to read all the cute comments, and get some really fun ideas for cards for my little niece and nephews, too!

  4. LOL...that's just too funny! I love the idea of a scary looking Easter bear rather than the bunny! I might have to try out the Live Writer...again...I did try it a while back, but I didn't take the time to learn how to use it properly :( Maybe we need a Webinar on that :)


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