Friday, March 20, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers, and Friends, and Pom Poms

I'll try to go in order, but a warning. I'm sleepy. I'm a little unorganized. My class and $7 stamp sale are tomorrow. I apparently procrastinate (surprise!). This is your official ADD warning. This post may not make any sense.

First, the kindness of strangers....

I got two wonderful surprises this week! My beloved blogging buddies - Linda and Sue - sent me pressies!!! Wait, no - they didn't.. They sent the REAL bloggers - Maddie & Splotchy - pressies!!!

Seriously - check these out!

The first one I got from Linda is called a SmartyCat Chickadee Chirp - it's a little bird that has a motion activated bird call that sounds SO real!! I love this thing - it's actually an extremely pleasant sound that I kind of wish was going all the time! What a cool find!They went NUTS!!! It's made by if you want to check it out!!

The second one is from my Irish blogsister - Sue, who is from Vancouver. It's this ADORABLE little pig named OINK that I cannot get away from these cats. They are now whooping each other for the bird and the pig! He might get waterboarded under the bed!! They adore him and so do I.Maddie & Splotchy love you guys and thank you from the bottom of their furry hearts!!Oh

Oh - speaking of Irish - here was my St. Patrick's Day Black & Tan - ain't she beautiful??

Then, today, I get this picture. Meet Webster - one of my reader's - Jayne - beasts, checking out my MOMSTER from yesterday!! This completely made my day today.

All this has made me think about tomorrow being CATURDAY!! Yay! Everyone can lounge around a little!!
So I'll leave you with Maddie, and her love/hate relationship with the pompoms. This pompom is tiger striped like Webster and she loves it.

Tomorrow - check in early for my SAB camp project - you will see it before they do! SSSHHHHH..

Have a great Caturday!

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  1. Awe.........What sweet friends to send gifts to the kitties. Thanks for sharing this with us, I love to see photos of the kitties.

    Lisa A.

  2. LOL>..OINK doesn't know what hit him..or is it a her? Turn it over would ya and take a look!

    Just so you now...Oink has a magnet inside...wasn't thinking about the kitties actually (You did tell me you wanted a pink piggy ...) LOL So maybe pull that out of there for them?

    Glad he arrived safely

  3. I had to go to Walmart last night. After reading your post, I thought I would look for the chirping bird toy for my kitties. I took the tab out of the toy in the store (knowing I was going to be buying it regardless of whether I liked the sound or not... because I'd opened it...) That darn bird chirped the whole time I was in the store, as I was checking out, as I was walking across the parking lot, and all the way home!!!! By the time I got back home, it wasn't such a cute toy! haha Kitties LOVED it! I heard it all night long! Between that toy and the chirping mouse, this house is always buzzing with the sounds of nature! hee hee! Aren't they cute when they're playing??? Thanks for sharing the toy idea! Have a great blue Sunday! :)

  4. and favorite! Sorry to have missed out on sharing one with you...guess we'll have to get together soon and have another!
    :-) The kitties are looking fantastic! Jane


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