Saturday, May 2, 2009




I'll call it whatever I want lady - you can stick your H1N1 in your hat and smoke it.

Seriously. Relax America!! If people saw a news report 10 times a day on how many people get food poisoning hourly in this country they'd never leave their houses again. Some piggy sniffles aren't the great aporkalypse foretold in the Bible - I think we're going to be okay.

You know who's NOT going to be okay? All the poor mothers in Texas whose children are out of school for no good reason until May 11th! There is not enough tequila in the world for this emergency! I'm praying for you ladies.

Here are some great swine flu websites I've seen and a great swiney video from my friend Lisa of Inspired by Purple.

Click here to find out if you have swine flu.
Click here to learn about bacon lung.
Click here to purchase bacon shirts, aprons and underpants.

Check this out - yes please! I would like a case of microscopic pigs!!!

I got my charity stamps yesterday!! If you're new here, I have designed a stamp as a fundraiser for A Place to Bark (and Purr) for the construction of a cat shelter to house and care for homeless kitties. My fellow designers Claudine Hellmuth and Suzi Blu designed the other two stamps. Click here to see them. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity, so we'd love it if you bought all three!

I haven't had time to play with all three of them, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do with Suzi Blu's stamp - I HAD to give this girl a little blue kitty!

The first card I made will be one of the little sets I'm sending to the first 20 blog readers who have bought these stamps. If you have purchased these stamps, just send me your email confirmation to receive your set of cards from me!

Back later with more cute cards with them! Oh - and hop on over to Project Reanimate for a crazy cool card!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Lydia,

    Ok, you surprised me on that one! Was that piglet video too cute or what? Thanks for mentioning it and me on your post today, that was too sweet! Totally cute card! Love the blue kitty! Off to play with my Maddie stamp!

    Lisa A.

  2. So cute! The card, I mean. The pigs, too, though. My 3 kitty stamps came yesterday and I've barely had time to get them out of the's to vicarious stamping.

  3. I LOVE the piglet video!!!! Kingsford is sooo adorable! I raised a few baby piglets until they were old enough to be on their own. Until you have been around these adorable, smart, lively and intelligent animals, you can't image how people fall in love with them. It sure makes me miss the babies!

  4. This card is so adorable, I think you've convinced me I need all three stamps :) Can't wait to see what you make with *your* stamp :)

  5. OMG - your video made me fall out of my chair with all it's cuteness! It made me squeal with delight! That was the cutest thing ever! And I must say that you really need one too...maddie and splotchy would LOVE Thanks for the cuteness!

  6. I LOVE BABY PIGS! My college roomie visited a pig farm, and I was converted. OMG that video is TOO MUCH!

    Blue cat - what else could you do?

    WV: bactonc. Isn't this scarily close to BACON!?!?!?!

  7. Awww that was the cutest baby piggie I've ever seen! My kids and I watched it a couple times it was so sweet. Love your card with the blue kitty too!
    People are nuts about the swine flu-how many of us get the regular old flu where there's no cure and people die from it too?! idiots.
    have a happy Caturday!

  8. what a cute little piggy. I don't have the swine flu but I've been sick since last Saturday. and the 3 days that I was at work my mgr was all worried because of the swine flu that's why I only worked 1 full day and the 3rd day I worked I went to see my Dr. after I left early just to confirm that I didn't have it. I just have some summer cold/bug. But just to be on the safe side I've spend the last couple of days since Wed here at home.

    Love that card.



  9. OK, I now have to give up bacon because that video was too cute! Does anyone else think it just a little cruel that the cutest piglet in the world is named after a brand of charcoal used to barbecue his porcine cousins?

    The card is beautiful, looking forward to some more!

  10. AMEN Sister!!! I just made 92 homemade PORK sausages ...and I am not sick yet!!!

    WV of the day...SADMINTA
    when you drop a mint on the floor you say..ahhh...SADMINTA!

  11. OMG...I just watched the video...I want one...and I promise not to make sausages from him **Grin**

    OMG...look at the WV on this one..OK first check out the one above by Leslie...almost Bacon right...and mine???

    swinti ...almost Swine? That little pig is a SWINTI!!!

  12. Lydia,

    If you run for president next term I'll vote for you.

    I love to start my day by checking your blog. Love your Maddie stamp too.

    Sweet day to ya.

  13. We need more people like you around! Honest, genuine, smart, funny and most of all creative! Love what you've been doing lately and I LOVE Kingsford!! I WANT ONE...NOW!!! Do I sound like the bubble gum chewing brat on Willie Wonka?? I don't care, I WANT ONE...NOW!!! BTW...I want one of these blue kitties too!
    Hugs for you and the kitties!


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