Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End of the Day

I am at war with technology.

My blackberry track ball stopped working. No problem - I use it a lot.

I order a new one. The newer curve. 1 hour into a 4.5 hour walk, it completely implodes and will not turn back on. Not a good feeling a few hours from home.

I will not tell you what happened at the faceless monopoly when I went to get a replacement today, because 1) they're reading this and will cancel my internet service and 2) the cussing would probably shock even the sailors among you.

My computer at home is so loud I can't hear myself think.

My laptop battery is dead.

Twitter deleted my picture.

Martha Stewart's website stopped working when people were trying to vote for me. I guess you can vote in a comment now - not sure. I'm #2 if it starts working again! :)


BUT. Yesterday morning, on the way to work, I saw the most beautiful sight. The sky was all dramatic - purple and orange and pink and streaky. And the buildings downtown were lit up on one side with this nice warm light that I can't describe. But I did think about it yesterday when I gave up fighting the machines. And I did give up.

I love that sunrise/sunset light that comes in from the side. Makes everything gold. If you don't get up early you'll miss half of these, you know :).

This card is for the little deer I saw this weekend on my walk. If you don't live here, you may not get the sight of deer at the beginning and the end of the day, but it's cool. I saw my deer this weekend at, well, the end of the day. She was a girl, but I only have a boy deer stamp, so she is the Splotchy of the deer world - confused.I stamped the Nature's Silhouette's deer and grass in Close to Cocoa. I filled him in a bit with a brown pencil.

Then all I did was scribble with a gold Pentel rollerball. On him/her and on the grass. The Pentels are very precise. Just a few minutes.
But it really feels like the end of the day with a little deer. Didn't really need any words.

This is the card I will send to last week's Make me Laugh Monday winner!! This was a really tough one because Kim and Cassie had me rolling - so because I like to laugh, I'll be sending each of them a card! Addresses please!!

Now - many have been clamoring for kitty vids.

So here's a little ditty Splotchy put together for you guys called "That's how I roll."

If you don't see a video player below, click over to my blog, or click here to view.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Love the card! Love Splotchy's video too...I'll have that song stuck in my head all doay now. In the spriti of fairnes...when is Maddie's video coming out?

    Is it me or are these word verifications getting weirder and weirder??

  2. So sorry about your techno-meltdown. Me? I'm mostly unplugged most of the time. ;-)

    LOVE the card - what a cool effect!

    And that Splotchy - what a hoot!

  3. LURVEZ the card!!!

    I have a theory on your cats, both seem to act like mine who, well, act strange. Mine were both without their mommy at a really early age. Any bit of affection sends the one into a rolling, kneeding, purring, mewing fit. The other one follows around licking people's shoes. Both of them steal fuzzies and my things. I guess my theory only holds if Maddie and Splotchy were orphaned.

  4. i can so relate to your techno troubles...ugh nothing worse. Splotchy is hilarious. BTW I love your MS blog header. congrats for being in the running!

  5. love the card. there are a lot of deer over on that side of town, I notice since my in-laws live in that area. We only get the occasional one up this way.

    And what a fun video. Splotchy sure did look like she was enjoying herself.

  6. ohwowohwowohwow!!

    i can't believe I'll be the lucky recipient of lydia art! very cool technique!!

    my little one and i really enjoyed the splotchy video! he was dancin good says the little man!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous card and I 'so know' that light you are talking about!!

    I am excited! I have this stamp set and I am going to try 'your' technique!

    ps... A 4.5 hour walk? Is this a regular thing? I need to get up off my butt and go - 15 minutes would be epic!!!

  8. Seems a bit ironic and slightly spooky... when I tried to click on your blog email, the screen froze up and I got one of those nasty messages! Thank goodness it came back around eventually.

    BTW, that's a gorgeous card! TFS!

  9. That is frustrating when technology won't play nice with the others! My blackberry sometimes manages to lock itself - and won't unlock no matter what.

    Did you try turning it off, remove the battery. Then put the battery back in and restart it? I had to do that a few times when mine was new.

    Also, I think Blackberry has a newer OS on their website (RIM) that you can download, that might help.

    Good luck waging war!

    PS I just voted, no problems!

  10. twilight is my favorite time of day, and i LOVE this card!

    what i really want to know is where the grass stamp comes from...don't recognize it, but i want it!

    splotchy is nuts, and i had no trouble at all voting for you yesterday. i don't understand what the others couldn't see...

  11. hey...you're in the #1 position!!!!!!

    another word for Post Nasal Drip..Nospea

  12. Loved your header. I just voted and you are ahead!!!! (2:01 pm CST)

    Loved Splotchy's video and the painted toenails too.


  13. I just voted for you and it took my vote and you are in the lead, yippee!!

    good luck

  14. Splotcy iz da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lydia,

    Beautiful card! I just voted for you. Currently you are winning. Yeah!!!! Hope the Terminator doesn't show up at your house to help his buddies out. Yikes!


  16. Beautiful card! How inspiring! I see those colors all the time 'cause I am up almost as early as you- saw the moon that one time you mentioned it!

    Glad you enjoyed the videos- they were fun to watch, eh?

    Voted for you on the "Martha" thingy- not just 'cause I like you but that really is a fantastic banner.

    Have a good Thursday, Kydia! At least the "tech" can be fixed sooner or later and you'll always have your stamping!!!!

    Yours, Cletus
    Elizabeth (Lisa) Kay Page is now
    Cletus Kay Page. Has a certain ring to it- Cletus Kay, Cletus Kay.....

  17. Great post...voted for your blog header on the MS site...beautiful & it does encompass all crafts. The card is just beautiful! Don't see any deer here in San Diego when I've walked...cats, but no deer. And Splotchy's video...not only is she funny, but loved the music & comments...especially the comments! Nice toes, too! Thanks for keeping me inspired.

  18. ha! had to come back and share that earlier - little guy asked to watch kitty again. I obliged since I needed to go make his sandwich for his lunch. As I'm smearing PB I look out into the living room and see him grooving right along with the kitty, just grinning and happy! too cute!

    p.s. did you see the maddie card posted on SCS? how long are the stamps available for sale?


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