Monday, May 11, 2009


OMG I almost forgot Make Me Laugh Monday!!! Well, no, I didn't. I was being sneaky. But first, a little story.


Actually - it was my fault, but that's what I'm being sneaky about.

I'm about to launch the world's cutest T-shirt but have been foiled by my own stupidity and rookie mistakes and am being delayed. But stay tuned - because I'm contemplating making these for convention and giving them away to some of you who want to get together there, and for various other occasions because I like to give things away!!

Speaking of giving things away, Heatherbstamps - please email me your mailing address - you cracked me up with "fauxhawk" and "spine flu" last week, and so you are my Make Me Laugh Monday winner for May 4th. You and Leslie won the same prize, which I think is super cool, and I need to mail them this week.

So - who wants to make me laugh tonight??? (in a Clint Eastwood voice...) "Go ahead, make me laugh..."

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Ok, so I was grading some projects today (I teach college writing and lit), and here's why spell check cannot save the world - a student wrote this: "when my boyfriend left me, I was like a cripple without my clutches."
    Purses? Gripping ability? Either would be a loss for sure, but...
    That's it. Thanks!

  2. I read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" today to my Early Preschool class. (Yeah 40 years of one of my favorite books!) After reading, we talked about everything the caterpillar ate, and what te children's favorite thing to eat was. Most of them said, "cake!" or "ice cream!". One of my boys said...

    "I like ice cream. banilla and FOCK-a-lot! Swirl 'em together. First the banilla, then the FOCK-a-lot!"

    FOCK-A-LOT!!!! From a three year old! I know I shouldn't have done it, but I had him repeat it to 3 different teachers!

  3. Oh dear God, i am going to embarrass myself but, here goes.

    I lost a pantiliner once.

    Got up one morning in the summer- ya know it was going to be stinkin' hot. Was going to put on shorts, t-shirt and tennies. Needed to do laundry- really bad. Didn't have any clean panties. What's the next best thing I thought? Tape a pantiliner to my shorts. I did.

    Talked to the next door neighbor on her front porch for a while- hankered for a diet Coke. It was HOT outside and I deserved one. Had to go to the store to get one. Had no money so I went to the Dollar Store in Hutto to buy a cheap coke. On the way I thought " gee, i have to go pee but i will wait till i get back home".

    I did. i ran into the pottie when i was home and peed. Then i thought that it was about time to change the "temporary underwear pantiliner" BUT it wasn't there.

    I was on the pottie and thought' where is my panitliner?". I looked on the floor, I looked at the bottom of my shoe, I looked everywhere. I looked HERE and THERE! I LOOKED EVERY FRIGGIN" WHERE! I felt like I was in the middle of a Dr. Suess book.

    It wasn't anywhere. It was not in my car. It was not on my neighbor's front porch. It was NOT ANYWHERE!

    I realized next that when I bent down to get my cheapie cokes at the Dollar store that it must have wadded up and slipped out in the soda aisle.

    I did not go into that Dollar Store again for about 2 months. And when i did- I knew that man there was giving me strange looks- the look like "that's the lady who's pantiliner slipped out from her shorts in the soda aisle" kinda look.

    That's my story and i am stickin' to it. I did not lie this time.

    Hope you have a "Commando" kinda day, girlie!

  4. That wasn't lisa that wrote that last story, it was......Gertrude, yeah, that's it--Gertrude. Gertrude Smile....Smiley. Yeah, that's who wrote the story. Gertrude Smiley.

    Love your blog much, Gertrude

  5. Oh! And i am from..... Tampa. Tampa Florida. Yep, that's where I live.

    And i only lost a pantiliner once....yep, that's it.

  6. I just want to say that I love Make me laugh mondays cuz I like to read everyone else's funny stories and comments! It's even better to read them while eating a piece of "fock-a-lot" too! that was great!

  7. i had something really, really funny happen to me this week. i'm saving it up. how sad is it that in the midst of a horrifying moment, i thought "oh, now i have something for MMLM!"


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