Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Product You MUST have!!


I am only telling you this:

1) Because it's true!
2) Because it makes me feel soooo much better about my trip to Jerry's Artarama last weekend!!

There are these fabulous rubons for different applications, and the ones I found were for comics. OMG how fun!!!!They are these sheets of patterns with a waxy adhesive on one side. They are different from stamping rubons because you take the backing off and then burnish the whole pattern sheet on - you don't lift off a top sheet after you've burnished it. But the sheet is very thin and it just blends in and is SO FREAKING FUN!! I feel like I need to try everything they have.

Do you know how much money a 1-900-Hoarding number would make for stampers???

Operator: "Hello - 1-900 Hoard - how may I help you?
Operator: "Ma'am - calm down. Take your Amex, and put it in the freezer. Right now ma'am."

Anyway. I love them.I took the Super Parents images and stamped them on white and colored them with Copics. I needed them to be bright since this texture was going on top of them.Then I used my filmstrip die for the Big Shot with Basic Black cardstock. I rubbed the comic pattern onto the super parents and adhered them to the filmstrip and stuck that down on the card.
I punched two 3/4" circles out of the comic pattern and rubbed them right onto the card base.

Then I had fun shooting pics with no flash and my new Lowel Light setup!

I need to play with it a little more, but MAN - lots less editing of the photos needed with this thing!!

Hope you have an awesome....

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  1. A really cool card, I like everything about the it!!:)

  2. OMFreakinG!! That is the coolest thing EVER!! Your card is awesome and I LOVE that rub-on!!

  3. Hi Lydia!

    Since you're so awesome I have an award for you.


  4. Lydia,

    You are so right, that stuff is awesome, and it is perfect for your card idea, which is way too cute, by the way. Love it.

    Lisa A.

  5. How cool is that? I love the old school comic look.

  6. How fun are these ... fabulous.

  7. Your cards are awesome! I love anything that has to do with Kraft.

    I enjoyed hearing your voice. My twang is twangier though!:) Yours is cute, mine is pretty rough as I can cuss like a sailor- hee-hee.

    I know you are a good mommy to those cats- Happy Mother's Day!


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