Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wanna See What the Maddie Stamp is for?

Then watch this video and get ready for some serious heartwarming. If you don't see a video here, click over to the blog or click this link. Yes, the beagle has been nursing the kittens. She is a rescue also. If you want to purchase one (or all) of the stamps, 100% of the proceeds go to the construction of Bernie's cat shelter at A Place to Bark. (In Texas, we don't say "cat house" - tee hee....)

Love you Bernie!!!

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  1. I was fine until the Beagle came in. Now I am tearing up. Just the true, Webster's definition of sweet and cute!

    I am not a cat person however I know that loving an animal (2 dogs) is the same in any language and it doesn't matter what type of pet they are. I don't think a dog lover loves their dogs any more than a cat lover loves their cats. Or ferrets or hamsters or snakes (uhmm, not for me). When you have a pet and truly love it, then you just do. Plain and simple.

    There are pets out there that are in need of some love! This gal is doing a wonderful job.

    I didn't lie this time.

    Now back to the regularly scheduled BS that I so frequently love!

  2. Thanks for sharing the clip -- so sweet and adorable and all that good stuff. So much dedication, especially for someone allergic to cats! Makes me wish I didn't already have all the stamps, so I could go order them and feel all warm and fuzzy all over again. Thanks again!

  3. Sigh...I'm so glad I get to go take care of the kitties tomorrow and Caturday for Cat Haven. Especially after seeing videos like that! :-)

  4. That was too darn sweet! What an awesome lady!

    Did anyone watch any of the other cat videos that followed? OMG! Freaking hilarious! My cat, Mittens was sitting next to me and when she heard some of the cats in the other videos, she got a bit confused, and hissed at the computer monitor! Absolutely no joke. It was too funny! Then I kept playing more videos, and she kept watching. She just couldn't understand how those other cats were in her house. She is very protective of her territory. Thank heavens she is asleep now, I was beginning to think that I was going to have to leave the room while she attacked my monitor.

    Lisa A.


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