Monday, May 18, 2009

What Day is It?

No idea. Very strange, as a creature of habit, to have one's schedule disrupted this way. However, it has led to some fun things for me to share with you.

The first is a continuation of the friendship theme. You guys were so sweet in your comments, and the original quote about friendship and laughter that inspired me was so cool, that I had to continue, so I did, with this card.
This one was fraught with errors. I stamped the image in Close to Cocoa. I knew I wanted this verdigris look, so I thought that would be a neutral base on the kraft cardstock. But it was a tad too warm, so I ended up covering it with grey. All the color is with colored pencils. I'm a colored pencil fanatic, and the ones I've been using lately are these. They are crazy smooth. And their tag line is "For what is more important than helping people describe their world in colour?" Nothing, my Swiss friends - nothing.

For example, if you color with them on regular cardstock, you can blend them with a paper blender WITHOUT gamsol, which is what I did around the main flower for a shadow.

But it's okay to make mistakes. You can fix them. I think I did - it actually made the grey very warm and antique-y. I outlined the flower with my sakura black pen, and then got to work recoloring them, including some white, which I really like.So maybe I'll rewrite this whole tutorial and pretend I meant to do that! :)

Second, I do know what day it is...

It's Make Me Laugh Monday!! I am so excited that at least one of you that I know of has actually saved a story for today, which I can't wait to hear!I'm actually already laughing because I'm watching the Tivo'd version of SNL, and Will Farrell was the host, and I forgot how much I loved that Billy Joel song about Vietnam.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. I know Carrie has been saving a story for today- can't wait to hear it! I love the shading on this card, Kydia. You did a really good job with the colored pencils. I've never been able to achieve that kind of look with colored pencils. Awesome job!

    Off to start my Monday! Have all my chicks and pantiliners in a row! See ya- Lisa

    P.S. You know quite a few people named Lisa, huh?

  2. I have not dipped a toe into the colored pencil realm, yet. Please do not make me find yet another corner of this hobby in which to drop the remaining pennies in my pocket!

    Dontcha just hate working weekends?!?!?! Belch! Totally screws up the rest of the week. I feel for ya, babe!

    WV: baccill. All this stampin' makes my baccill and requires an extra trip to the massaaaage therapist.

  3. Well, I've loved all of your nature cards, but have to say this is my absolute fav! Love the blue, love the cocoa-grey... just gorgeous!

  4. we SO did not get to play enough when i was there, as had i known you were a colored pencil goddess i would've made you teach me all the wonderfulness that just seems to ooze from your fingertips when you're supposed to be doing other boring things! i've loved both these cards, but i still don't really get how you did them. a tut would be fun...more fun than the work you have to do this week. think about it...

    btw, i'm also trying to figure out how i can trick bob into getting me some sugar mama's cupcakes all the way from austin via phoenix back to atlanta after he leaves there wed. night!

  5. Love this - so pretty - and I love nearly anything involving kraft paper. I was shocked to read this wasn't precisely how you intended to make this card, it looks so perfect! :-)

  6. Lydia,

    Awesome card, I wish I could color with pencils that pretty! Oh, I loved the ones before this one too, I forgot to leave a comment.

    I don't know if this is funny to you or not, but the other evening I was in my craft room, stamping away, and had one of my playlists playing on the computer. Well, it was my 80's song list. I was a teen in the 80's need I say more? My almost 10 year old daughter walked in the room and wanted to know what was up with the weird music! Shameful! I feel so old now!

    Gotta go,

    One of the many Lisa's that you know! Tee Hee.

  7. It does work, Lydia! lol. I kept clicking and clicking, nothing would happen...and I realised the popup window somehow was BEHIND my main window on yours. DOH. It was weird, it seemed like a very different error than I get on other blogs, and yet it didn't seem to be workin. DOH. lol.

    Did you see my CBox link? I had tech doh moments there too, but it's a link worth a giggle!

  8. WOW!!! I want to come to your house and watch you do this technique. Beautiful as always.

    OK, here is my entry for "MML Monday":

    I was making a Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake a few nights ago (so very, very good!) and Little Miss is watching me mix all the ingredients together with my hand mixer. I know she is waiting patiently for the beaters so she can sit on her little stool and lick the goodness right off of them. I finish mixing everything and give her the beaters and she starts going to town on them.

    About this time, the hubby comes into the kitchen and asks, "What are you doing, sweetheart?", to which my innocent little girl says, "Mommy gave me lickers since I was such a big helper." Of course, I can imagine her going to school the next day and telling everyone, "When I help Mommy in the kitchen, she gives me 'liquors'".

    I just love a five-year old's vocabulary!

  9. One of my favorite quotes so far from my new favorite show/addiction: Whatever, Martha! "I'm fixin' to stab you with my bone folder!" - Alexis Stewart. It's sinful how happy this show makes me.

  10. ah lydia! i had a story all saved for you. and then God blessed me with another one on thurs. and so the dilemna is ---WHICH one to share today? the original i think!
    no, what, the other is only good for a limited time -- and while you laugh it might, *might* invoke sympathy as well. let's go with that one!!

    my bday was thurs. and since i had received a REALLY good paycheck on monday i decided that i could splurge for my bday dinner and treat us to red lobster. my 2 yr old is normally very well behaved --- in fact the week before an diner next to us told us that it was so pleasant sitting next to us at the steakhouse. so i felt confident we could handle red lobster and even though sans kid woulda been nice, i think it's sweet that hubby misses him so much during the day he never wants to leave him behind.
    little man is a little fussy in his seat, but doesn't alarm me - he does that occassionally.
    (i know, it's long, but i gotta set it up for you *wink*)
    he is not better at the restaurant - very, VERY cranky. like those typical 2 yr olds that we used to see out before we were parents and think "ugh! why do they have to bring their kid? don't they *know* there are sitters?"
    i take him out to look at the fishes to give the other diners a break. he's happy. and then....
    he's puking all over us. massive, projectile spew.
    this is the first time he's ever thrown up! still going on in the bathroom! curious stares. disdainful glances. puke in my hair.
    on my birthday.
    the sad thing is - it totally didn't bother me.
    hubby called my mom - she picked him up, brought me a new top - and i sure did enjoy my lobster and scallops!

    WV: surcq - profane word acceptable to use when child throws up all over you and the public restroom.

  11. Darn, Carrie! I mean Cassie! What a awesome birthday! The LOC (Loss of Containment) pukies are the best, huh?

    WORD: WINAIR, the type of vehicle that Cassie would like to take and escape from from the kiddos for just ONE night!


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