Monday, May 4, 2009


Why shouldn't you be? It's Monday. But that also means - it's Make me Laugh Monday!!!Make me laugh in your comment and you win a prize!

Here are some Monday things to be puzzled about: (I've included links - watch at your own risk)

So many puzzles, so little time.

Maddie showed up on a puzzle today. Look how her curly tail pops up!

I thought a crossword puzzle might make a nice black & white background.
RU puzzled about anything today? Do share.

Tomorrow I'll share my card with Claudine Hellmuth's stamp!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. I'm puzzled why a weekend day is never as long as a work day??? And why Mondays have more hours than any other day of the week???

    On a happier note I love your card!

  2. Okay, yvonnew wins the funny award. I am not going to be funny because it is Monday, it is still raining, I have not been caffeinated yet, and I do not want to win anything. :P

    I LOVELOVELOVE that crossword puzzle with Maddie!!!! The perfect B&W!

  3. I'm puzzled why my kids' school has to be closed due to a POSSIBLE swine flu case, when I know for a FACT they can catch more germs from a Walmart shopping cart than they can from a classroom armed with antibacterial lotion & wipes. GIVE ME A BREAK! -M. Wallace

  4. Love your Maddie card! So when are you going to make a Splotchy stamp? She's emailed me wondering what Maddie has done to deserve all the spotlight! Just kidding!
    Hope you have a great Monday!

  5. Love the card. I think there must be pompoms on there somewhere.

    I'm puzzled. A couple weeks ago I bought some new flyswatters 'cause my old one tore. Now why on earth did they make them 4 inches shorter? How am I supposed to reach those bugs up on the ceiling? I'm not short, and our ceilings are normal height. I at least had a fightin' chance with the old one.

  6. So I got this text message from my brother:

    "It was once said that a black man would become president when pigs fly. 100 days into Obama's presidency...Swine Flu."

    Happy Monday!

  7. I am puzzled about my lawn. One of my dogs, a beagle/basset mix, pulls up clumps of grass with her mouth, then spits them out. She does this while barking and sniffing with her nose to the ground the whole time, tail wagging furiously. Apparently, she is hunting earthworms and her favorite time to hunt them is 6:30 am on weekends when I am still in my jammies. I can't get new grass to grow in those spots--it doesn't spread from the areas next to it. If I put out grass seed, they trample the sprouts before they have a chance to be a real blade of grass. Weeds on the other hand---they migrate to my lawn from all over the neighborhood. I pull them out by the root, rip their leaves off, spray them with toxic chemicals. Alas, they grow in places where there isn't even dirt (the cracks in the sidewalk! Puh-lease!) By August, we don't get rain, my grass is brown, but I have to mow each week---because those figgin' weeds are in full bloom! Grrr.

  8. I'm puzzled by the fact that 60 degrees in the winter feels different than 60 degrees in the spring.

    And Robin made me laugh out loud so much that my little man ran over to see what was so funny!

  9. I'm puzzled why for the past week I have spoke spanish in my dreams. I don't know spanish, never have, don't know anyone who speaks it and have no idea why I am talking spanish in my sleep. I must wake up trying to speak it, because the girls (my dogs) look at me like I'm nuts.

  10. SO... my 5 year old convinced me to let him have a faux-hawk... (I have bigger battles to fight without fighting about hair). (If you don't know what a faux hawk is, it's that re-do of the mohawk... just leave shorter hair on the sides, and spike up the top) Apparently at school, he told all the kids his new hair do is called a fo-hug.

    Then later the same day, my 11 year old tells me that some kid in his class at school told them that his Grandma is really 'sick in her back.' So, I said, oh, what's wrong with her? Kalvin says, 'Oh, he said she's got the spine flu'.

    kids, gotta love em!!

  11. Oh yeah, oh yeah, the blue chick is better in person- oh yeah, oh yeah! Thanks, Kydia! Honest to God, y'all should see it- totally freakin' cute!

    The Lisa's puzzlements to date:

    Why is the "express" line at the grocery store slower than the regular lines? Can anybody explain that? Has it ever happened to you? If not, I seriously think it will at some point in your life.

    Is running out of toilet paper a good thing or a bad thing? Think about it.

    I think June bugs are sexy.

  12. love that Maddie card with the puzzle, too cute.

    I wonder why my dog is totally happy and ready to say goodbye to dh and I when we get ready for work (actually, he thinks that if we're going somewhere he's supposed to come along too). But when we come home after being at work he doesn't come out to say Hi or even see whose just come into the house. We have to go and get him to say Hi.

    Thess is the bess blog ever.


  13. Okay, to really MAKE YOU LAUGH, you need to follow this link to my blog. I wanted to just upload a photo here, but I can't figure it out. It's called "How to avoid Swine Flu..." and will definitely make you snort milk out your nose.
    (Speaking of-- what do cows snort out their noses??)

  14. Okay Lisa Page- I thought about it...

    How can running out of toilet paper be a good thing??

  15. Robin-

    When you run out of toilet paper at least you know your kids are actually using it. I'd worry if I never had to change the toilet paper roll in their bathroom! Ya know what I mean?

    The Lisa Has Spoken!;)

  16. Oh my GOSH Lisa! LOL!!!

    I suppose that running out of TP CAN be a good thing after all!

    Thanks for letting me know- one more thing to be grateful for!

  17. I thought maybe it meant that you had to go to walmart to get some more and could sneak some stamping supplies onto the bill and into the "household" budget!

    WV: graniz - as in "my graniz loves it when i send her a card!"


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