Sunday, May 31, 2009

Halfway There..

Can you believe tomorrow is JUNE??? Dang. Where did it go? Am I the only one for whom time is zipping by? Must be the stamping!!

I'm in a bit of a birdy mood these past few days. I don't know why. I get in crafty moods. White mood, pencil mood, painty mood, birdy mood, monster mood.

Do you think if they extricated my DNA they could isolate the little birdy mood protein? I sure as heck would have paid more attention in science classes if somebody had told me we'd be finding the blue gene or the glitter sequence. Instead, I was drawing birdies on my chemistry book and giving myself the giggles over molarity.

This is a silly card. Get it? You complete me? Tee hee...

It was inspired on my walk. I walked my bum off this weekend, but today I took a nice little sitdown in the middle of my walk and it was divine, and then this popped into my head when I started moving again.

The bird is the On Board So Tweet, and I covered him with crossword puzzle. I hand drew the notes and used the 1/4" square punch to make the greeting, which I hand wrote. My writing is awful, but he's just a birdie. He can't read, so he doesn't care.

While making him, I look out the window and see that my Heavenly Blue morning glories have bloomed. All my flowers are blooming late this year.

Anyway, does this not look like there's light coming out of the center of the flower?? They just glow. I love them. I love glowy things. :)
I hope you had a nice Sunday.

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You may want to update your profiles, especially in case you win stuff! :) But mostly because sometimes Kydia wants to say hey! :)

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  1. I love this card! It's very "complete"!!! :)

    Kristen :)

  2. Darn, I'm not first to comment today! I like to be first! I think I said that before.

    Anyhoo, awesome card Kydia, I think your handwriting looks good here! Don't let it make you sweat!

    That flower is gorgeous, however, it looks purple in the photo! Either I have a one track mind, or it's just the photo. But then, my Hyasynth (oops on the spelling)bulbs are called blue something, and I swear they are purple.

    Back to stamping. Bye Bye Kydia!

    Kisa A.

  3. GREAT bird! LOVE that idea. I still do not have that set ... might wait for Consistency Counts.

    And your handwriting is just like mine (or really, really close), so I think it is just fine! :-)

    So, are you waiting up to order tomorrow? Not I, said the little red hen. I'll be snoozin, cuz tomorrow's Monday (ugh) and I need to work to pay for my habit. I'll wait until all the initial craze is over to check out the Sneak Peeks. ;-)

  4. Your card is SO awesome!! I love it!!! What a cute little pun, and of course a cute little birdie!! :)

  5. Love, love, love that birdie card ♥ Very, very clever and totally adorable!
    That flower is amazing...I can't get over how it really does look like there's light coming from the center of it! Thanks for sharing something beautiful to brighten up my Monday morning :)

  6. Awe, sweet. I love the crossword bird.

  7. Well I am sort of glad the weekend is over. We had a lot to do this weekend. Friday night was game night, Saturday Morning running around looking at plants and pots so we could do potted tomatos ( I have to have my yearly fix of BLTs and I can't stand store bought ones), Saturday afternoon (or at least it was the time we got home) grab the girls and argue all the way to Target to pick up a birthday gift for a party on Sunday, then argue all the way back. Get home and want to start the girls gifts for their teachers, but do I get helpers no way, I want to watch TV, I want the computer, you can do it, I'm to old to give my teachers anything. So I strat them myself, I missed the Wii today so double on Sunday.

    I finally fall into bed at 1 PM had to make sure I mad3e my 4 daily flowers for the SCS dinner. Sunday fight all the way to church and then during church and all the way back home. Wait for the girls to get picked up for the party, Peace and Quiet. Dh well let's go out to KFC try their new chicken, then stop at SAMs and get a few things not much - leave SAMs after spending $400 on not much. Then home to finsih the girls teachers gifts. But had to do my Wii first so two hours later I'm done with my 1 hour work out and the girls are home. No nap today. Try to find the instructions to the gift card box so spend two hours on SCS ( I have to check all my threads), Eat supper and then finally sit down to work on the gifts. Get them done by 10 PM, oh shoot forgot one another hour. Then have to wait for the Last Chance list and do my monthly newsletter. Fall into bed at 12:30.

    I'm just glad I'm at work where it won't be to stressful this week. I have to let someone go today (fired), We have a Leadsership meeting this week which I'm in charge of setting up (three days where I won't get anything done), Have to move to a new office. Have two important deadlines from Washington to get done. Last week of school so I have two school functions I have to attend during my Leadership meeting.

    Piece of cake bring it on.

  8. You Rock!



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