Monday, May 18, 2009

What's it Worth to Ya?


At our customer event this weekend, during a break from the presentations, one of our customers came up and showed us this.

It's real. It's a one hundred trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. Click here for a story on CNN about their devalued currency if you have doubts.

It makes your head spin. Can you imagine getting one hundred trillion of anything together in once place? What do the banks do? What do the people do?

At the point that you need one hundred trillion of something to purchase another thing, it becomes worthless, I think. It's meaningless. I keep making the point to people, and no one is listening, that before long we will be trading shiny beads for spices again. Because a bead has worth, and a spice has worth. Very real worth in a way that a hundred trillion dollar bill does not.

In contrast, take a very eventful moment this past week.

Sockington, a hilarious cat who Twitters from Massachusetts, reached 500,000 followers on Twitter. Click here to read his updates - he's incredibly funny.

This made national news, and it really stuck with me. When I saw the currency, I knew why.

Many people would quickly dismiss the worth of 500,000 Twitter followers reading updates from a cat - I mean - you can't pay the bills with it, right? Many people dismiss Twitter entirely.

Mmm - not so fast...

At what other time in history has anyone, especially a sassy cat, been able to reach 500,000 people for no cost in less than a second?

Never. Evangelists would kill for that reach. As would early (or recent) marketers spending billions on magazines, newspapers, or, God forbid - direct mail.

Think about it.

The world changes every millisecond. What is it worth to you?

This was the video I used in my presentation. If you don't see a video player here, click over to the blog. You won't be sorry.

Happy Tuesday. Back with cards L8R.

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  1. That's a really interesting post Lydia! And that video was super cool. But wow - I am pretty darn depressed now. No way will I ever be able to find another engineering job after being out of the workforce for several years, even if the economy improves!!

  2. Didn't read the post- please excuse me! Uploaded a Maddie card today- hope you enjoy!

    I'm bummed- I'll read later!

  3. WOW! You said to check the blog and you didn't let me down (as usual). What a freakin' awesome video. It's funny, I think about weird stuff like that alot. Like the existance of another alien race which I'm sure DOES exist, what it would be like to go to outer space, and what/who I was in a previous life. And I had no idea money like that even existed. Which goes back to my twitter much money is really in the entire world? Makes you think... :) word verification...PROVE. Prove what?? That I am who I am...hah! Talk to you soon...we need to try and do lunch sometime.

  4. Wow! When all those numbers and facts are put together like that, it boggles the mind. But then, I am easily boggled, especially pre-caffeine!

  5. That was an awesome video, Lydia! I want my 3 kids to see it...they are all 30+ and it is just too much for my brain to wrap around. I agree with you about the trillion dollars. The sad thing is that if you can carry a bill "worth" a trillion dollars around with you and show it off, then you know it isn't worth much. Have a super week and I hope you actually get a weekend!

  6. O.K., finally read the post- didn't have time to yesterday. That video was way cool- interesting stats. I didn't click on the CNN link though. (I have issues with CNN-jmho- personal reasons).

    I'll go and vote again on your MindBites thingy! Have a good day!

  7. Perhaps the POTUS thinks that he can get some of those to pay for our budget!
    I'm sorry no one is listening to you. I'm pretty angry about the whole Chrysler take=over bit and the govt telling some dealerships they must close.


    Where the govt makes a decision like that?

    How sad that we aren't marching in the streets in outrage. I know many people think "evil car company" or "it's cars, no biggie" but how long before it is something that affects you.

    Scary, scary times. I wonder if I can take that trillion bill and buy a BMW at the dealership across town?

    Will vote for your smack talking momma again - i'll even have to watch it again as i think it's hilarious when you say "is your momma talkin smack about you?" in a voice with a touch of southern accent!!!

    my 2nd WV: furiz as in sometimes all my eyes see with WV is furiz (fur-eez)

  8. whats even scarier? 47 people following a furballon Twitter !!! LMAO

    WV ... dehadmor
    as in...wish dehadmor sense!!!

  9. Wow, Lydia - fascinating! TFS!


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