Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Twitter, Chickens, Ducks - DON'T WORRY - NO AVIAN FLU

Why did the Twitter chicken cross the road? I dunno. I don't think the Twitter birdie is a chicken, but if he is, I'm not sure he gets out on the road. He's pretty busy on the interwebz.

First - happy Wednesday, and THANK YOU for all your awesome Red Letter Day research! I have the best blog readers in the WORLD!!

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Now, on to Twitterchickens. And baby ducks.

First, my buddy Alex found her cats playing with THIS in her yard today!!! She gave him an applesauce container of water - that's how teeny he is!!

I found this out on Twitter. :) Yay!

Next, I went to Chick Fil A for lunch. The one I go to has an amazing manager. He has developed this system that bypasses the ordering at the menu talkbox. He has employees standing outside with laminated menus well before the talk box. They have headsets and they call in your order, give you your total, and you go straight to the window. It's one of the busiest Chick Fil A's I've ever been to, and yet the whole process is so fast that I am struggling to get my money ready by the time I get to the window. I hardly touch the brakes. And yet it's still the pleasant, polite Chick Fil A experience I love. Not like Wendy's, where they are flinging your food at you in Spanish before you even get to the window, and as you pick a french fry out of your eye to try to pay they are screaming at you THANKYOUTHANKYOU which means get out of my drive through so I can hit the timer button I get graded on. Forget ketchup or the fact that they flung the wrong thing - GET OUT.

At this Chick Fil A the franchise owner is frequently outside studying the process. I'm fascinated by him.

He is a person who took something very normal, and something that people have taken for granted as a process that can't be improved.. and he improved it. Just with brains, and experimentation, and tweaking.

He's my hero.

It's the little things.

My hat is off to you, chicken franchise owner. You have elevated your work to something I remember reading about...

"Only man is capable of work, and only man works, at the same time by work occupying his existence on earth. Thus work bears a particular mark of man and of humanity, the mark of a person operating within a community of persons. "

Man and humanity.

Speaking of... I used Claudine's stamp again today. I paired it with the Stampin' Up! Canvas Cuts. Do you have these and don't know how to use them?

Bust em out! Trust me, I had no idea this was going to work before I did it!! I stamped the image in black on the canvas, and then used reinkers and my blender pen to apply color. The blender pen did surprisingly well at moving the color around. It went on really intense, but was easy to modify.

I tried to use all the colors in the background paper.

This took maybe 8 minutes, start to finish. I used Stampin' Up! Linen thread for the border and a rub on from the Chit Chat set in the big catalog.

Finally - wanna know what artist I was thinking of for last night's post?

Henri Matisse.

On that note - I have some news I can't tell you yet. But I'd appreciate it if you kept the Post Impressionists in mind for a bit. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


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  1. I think I love your Chicken franchise guy! Will he marry me?

    I really need to break out my Canvas Cuts and try them....

    BTW, I made two more cards with Maddie and Claudine's stamp. Fun stamps to use!! I posted my Maddie stamps on SCS, too, to try and fill up your gallery. ;-)

  2. OOooo Lesle, I will pop right over to SCS and check out your Maddie creation. I hope all of our cards help sell more stamps.

    Awe...that poor baby duck. I saved an escaped parakeet once from some cats outdoors, gave it to a pet shop since I knew next to nothing about birds. This is why birds belong outdoors, and cats belong indoors.

    Cute card, I love the DSP you chose and the coloring on the kitty.

    Lisa A.

  3. so i read all the way through the deets about the card and you neglect to share where that marvy DP came from? it's not SU, is it? if it is, i wanna know what package it's from!

    love the CFA story...check out this link:

  4. Just ordered Canvas Cuts a few days ago! Just now got the Maddie stamp in my mailbox! Just now realized that I am such a nimno for not recognizing Matisse- after all, my SIL was named after him (Matissa) by her father Harold Gregor (well known painter in Illinois, somewhere)! Just now throwing away all my red stationary and envelopes! Not really, I lied. About the red stuff anyway.

    Have an awesome day Kydia!

    Word: avenes- streets without "you" on them! Geez, I am funny- at least I think........probably not.

  5. love it when people make processes even better! hate the clock timer thing! i refuse to "pull forward" just so they can stop it! they asked to me once at a BK - nobody behind me. I refused. she told me she had to stop her clock. i told her to hurry up faster with my food then.
    hubby thinks it was rude. it SOUNDS rude written here -- but i believe i was fairly nice and sweet about it.
    what do you think?

  6. p.s.
    still waiting on the webinar on HOW to do a webinar!!

  7. Ooooh! Bruce is famous (named the ducky Bruce because it was running around crazily chirping and a friend mentioned he was "born to run"...)! Also, I didn't comment about it, but thanks for making me look up what a "red letter day" is! I've always wondered, myself...


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