Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Little Black Cats

Are totally good luck, I promise. Especially if you get a glittery shamrock to go with them!!
Maddie is the first black kitty I've ever had - I always wanted one. I love the panthery super bad@$$ look they have.

I made today's ditty with my Maddie Stamp, which I stamped in Black on Certainly Celery cardstock. Now you know how when you stamp on colored cardstock it's all grainy? I saw that and I thought I would make little white stripes on her. But when I started coloring with my white gel pen, I got all crazy and made her a split personality instead!! Then I laughed to myself like a crazy person, which happens pretty much every day.

I added white paw prints from that great retired Stampin' Up! set with the little mouse. That's Splotchy's favorite stamp to carry around in his mouth BTW.

I added dots with my white gel pen and a Stampin' Up! rubon for the greeting.

And then I thought you guys should get a picture of the stamp model. Now how could you not want a stamp with this adorable creature on it? Get one today and help a homeless kitty!!

This is her very gently taking a teeny pom pom from me. She's got pom pom flu. I had to put the bag of them in the microwave yesterday because she was crawling around inside my bookcases trying to get them. I'm going to post a video this weekend of the Pom Pom buffet I let her have sometimes when she's especially charming.

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  1. I love your kitty stories and picture...and your card is just to cute, Lydia!!

  2. Lydia,

    Cute card! I am loving the real Maddie too! I can't wait to see the video, and how is Splotchy these days?

    Lisa A.

  3. What is the "pom pom" flu? Is that anything like the swine flu? Are we in danger of catching it? :-p


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