Sunday, May 10, 2009

Warthog Babies Say Happy Mother's Day!!!

Just remember this Mother's Day that everybody is somebody's baby. Even warthogs. Cute, fuzzy, sweet little warthogs. So be nice. Because that little warthog's momma loves him. Even if you don't!
These cute hogs are from the Zooborns site, which I highly recommend adding to your reader so you can see baby animals daily, which is the secret to life, the universe and everything.

Happy Mother's Day to all you human moms, moms of cats & dogs and warthog moms!

I made a very simple card today for Mother's Day and liked it so much I did a second version in blue.

I used the Scene in a Garden set from Stampin' Up!, stamped in blackon kraft, and then just colored it with a white pencil. It's a two minute card. The rubon is from the Chit Chat set from the big catalog.

For the blue card, I stamped the greeting from Fifth Avenue Floral in black.

If you haven't had a chance yet - head over and see my instructional video on how to set up Google Alerts - it's free until the screencast contest ends. If you like it, please set up a login and cast a vote for me in the contest. (Click the link to go straight to my video)

For those of you who have never spoken with me, enjoy making fun of my accent, which is surprising and amusing some of my northern readers, who for some reason think I sound like a southerner! ;)

Have a great lazy Sunday!

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  1. LOL! I did notice the draaaaawl, and it is cute. I had to remind myself you were a Texan!

    Lovelovelove the different look of these cards with just the change of color from white to blue. Striking, actually.

    WV: ablemi. It does not take much to en-ablemi to spend money on stampin' stuff!

  2. Wow - I've gotten behind on reading your blog, so today was a catch-up day. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the posts... the wonderful cards, ideas, videos.. thanks for starting my Mother's Day off with such great inspiration! (Voted for the video, ya'll!)

  3. Happy Mothers Day and a big thank you for letting us know about the Zooborn site -- what a treat!

  4. Aww, what a cute baby warthog.

    Your accent isn't that bad.

    Actually, I notice that when I leave TX I seem to pick mine up. And when I come back I guess I must leave it at the border.

    wv- I sure could use a pantr around here.



  5. Sorry I have been too busy laughing at, I mean with your accent to write a comment tee hee. I loved the video and found out my momma does talk smack about me. I am still going to wish her a Happy Mother's day but let her know the gig is up due to google reader. Get with technology OLE woman I am going to say to her LOL. Have a great day with you and your furry babies.

  6. Neeewwwwww Yooooorrrrkkk, just comes out in you when you are suuppperr focused

  7. Not only was your video helpful it was too funny!.


  8. O.K., I just realized that I posted a comment about this post on your last post. Is everybody confused now? I don't want to know if it's just me!!!:)

    word: uniati- sounds like a fusion of a Miata and Fiat that only holds one passenger- namely, the driver.

  9. Cute cards...I love the way it looks so different depending on the colour used to colour-in :)
    I watched your video and voted for you too....loks like you're winning right now! Very helpful it was too...I'm off to set up some googleweb alerts now :)

  10. just incredible lydia!!! love that look of the simple white coloring! gotta try that!!

    wv=anterse: n. what a deceased ant rides in to his final resting place!


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