Monday, May 11, 2009

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and OMG WHAT IS IN MY DRINK??

Thank goodness it wasn't a caterpillar in my drink!!

Although if it was fuzzy and cute and became my friend, maybe that would be okay! No one loves a fuzzy caterpillar as much as I do.

Anyway, where do I start?

Yesterday was a joint celebration of my sister's birthday, my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day. It also happens to be the 40th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was the theme of the party.

My mom got the special edition of the book, which is the most beautiful and complicated pop-up book I've ever seen. Here's one of the pop-ups.

Then she made an elaborate caterpillar birthday cake, made of teeny cakes, decorated like a 'pillar.

Adorable. Here is my sister getting ready to dig into his little noggin. I put some fun drawing effects on it because I am in a really boring section of Celebrity Apprentice and no one has updated Facebook or Twitter in like 15 minutes.

I noticed while we were having dinner that the little crystal ball on top of the decanter flipped everyone upside down. I needed a picture of that for sure. That's my upside down sister and mother, recounting the story about how my sister broke her elbow on a swingset in South Dakota and my dad drove at 400 miles an hour through downtown asking for directions and not listening to the answer and how my mom almost killed a nurse in the hospital. It's a great story.

Speaking of my mom - she finds the most amazing things. She found a jar of hibiscus flowers, that were preserved in this yummy syrup from Australia, that you are supposed to put in the bottom of your champagne glass. Don't be skrd about what ur about to see, even though I stifled a scream.
I promise it was yummy, and quite beautiful in this view.If ur skrd, look at this candle with GLITTER!!!Or, you can look at my card, which isn't scary at all.

It's with the stamp from the under $10 collection on page 208 of the catalog - Flowers in Silhouette. Can you ever get enough of silhouette stamps? I stamped it in So Saffron, then Pumpkin Pie, then Regal Rose. I stamped the greeting from Sense of Time in Black and tied a saffron ribbon around it - BAM. Easy card.

I hope you had a wonderful Sunday and will have a great start to your week.


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  1. (From the bottom, up) LOVE your card. I actually had the flower stamp out just before the Clean Sweep, and it had to be put away un-inked. But it will definitely come back out later this week.

    Cool upside-down pics with the decanter! I find I take pictures of EVERYTHING these days, cuz you just never know when a blog-worthy photo op will present itself! LOL!

    LOVELOVELOVE the 'drawing' effect in that photo!!! I must figure out that one!

    Ach, gotta leave for the Day Job. TTFN!

  2. Hi Lydia!
    Beautiful card! It's funny how the hibiscus flower looks so pretty in the champagne from the side and so scary in the bottom of the empty glass!
    I nominated you for the Lemonade Stand Award-for your awesome attitude! I love to visit your blog and know I will always leave with a smile on my face! just go to my blog to get your award!

  3. Great post as always, Lydia. I'm a huge fan. Thanks!

    Do you have the name or the package? I can buy them next time I am in adorable for the wedding toasts??????
    Can ya eat them? LOL

    WV: in
    I hadsta git me some of them flowers...

  5. Ok, I threw up a little in my throat...blech, patooey, spit! That looks like a little slimey space monster in your first shot!! There's no way I would have drank anything out of that glass if I hadn't seen the next picture. It was like this... throw up a little, clear throat...aaahhh pretty flower. LOL!!! Happy birthday to your sis and dad I hope they didn't upchuck at the sight of the space monster. Especially if your sis already ate her catty cake. Nice ending though with the oh so pretty card !Oh and a WV: Mickedle...can you fetch me mickedle. I'd like to make some tea.

  6. wonderful card! i love simple cards and you do them so well with such great graphic flair!


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