Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Gumdrop Test

I, apparently have a flavor that is whatever the equivalent of bacon is to the following beasts: mosquitos, cats, dogs.

Splotchy woke me up this morning, as he does most mornings - sleeping peacefully on my left shoulder, paws stretched across my chest (I have to hold his feet in my right hand or he squeaks in my ear) with one exception....

HE BIT MY NOSE AND THEN STARTED CHEWING ON MY FINGERS LIKE THEY WERE SLIM JIMS. The bite was not a "hey, let's wake this broad up and get some food" - it was a slow reach, rub his cheek on my face and then, "mmm - face bacon - CHOMP".

What the heck?? Afraid that I have a pack of cat zombies thirsting for human flesh, I hastily left for my walk. I tried the coyote trails today. Everything was great until a pair of Rhodesian Ridgebacks tried to eat me. The owner was trying to hold them back with her scrawny self and saying "the big one's really friendly, but the smaller one isn't". Really? I couldn't tell from the foam and fangs, lady. And oh - by the way - you need a biscuit.

Anyway, that's why, despite the fact that I love all creatures great and small, patted a cheetah once, hugged a koala, befriended an asp - I will never have an animal in my house that can fit anything larger than a gumdrop in its mouth. Nibble away Splotchy - that's all the bacon you're getting!

Anyway - did you think I'd leave you alone on Caturday???? You've got to be out of your minds!!!

Afraid that I've been playing favorites, many of you have demanded equal video time for Maddie, so here she is, in all her athletic glory. I apologize for the size of the video. (I don't have an actual video camera, just a digital camera with video, so it's teeny. Click over if you don't see it or click here.)

And finally, I've had so much fun connecting with other artists on Twitter the last few weeks. Amazing people. Fun people. Beautiful art. It makes me happy every time it happens.

Then, I got up this morning and read this. It stopped time for just a bit.

It does so many things. Speaks first to how timeless what he says is. When he describes an artist as one who "hands on to others feelings he has lived through" you think about the fact that whether the medium was a hand written manuscript by Leo Tolstoy or a painting by Monet that during his lifetime maybe 100 people saw, or a gorgeous bracelet or card or little collage instantly sent to tens of thousands on Twitter, nothing has really changed.

Art jumps from one soul to another in 2009 the same way it did for Tolstoy in 1896.

Think about that for a second.

Then make something pretty and share it.

I made this for you today. It's with that adorable Animal Crackers set and some crossword puzzles. My walk was hot today so the penguin spoke to me this afternoon, as well as the cool blue. The little silvery disco dots on the left are some $1 bin stickies from Joann's.
Hope you have a great Caturday!


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  1. OMG! I love being the first to comment! I have no freaking idea why!

    Very cute card, I love that stamp set, it is too darn cute.

    Ok, Too cute on the Maddie video as well. I was going to say that Maddie has had more photo ops than Splotchy on your blog lately, but I could be wrong. I don't want to start something bad bewteen the to of them. Pretty cool you gave them both a video op though.

    Well, off to uh do something, I think. Too much to do, too little time.

    Hugs, Lisa A.

  2. Love the cards, as usual. Cracked up on the bacon - know just how ya feel!

    Love the video of Maddie - have a question. When Nikita walks around with her poms, she makes her low pitched meow type of call, like she's calling for something. Does Maddie make this noise too???

  3. read this post yesterday down to the maddie vid and thought that was the end! way cute card! love the crossword circles...

  4. Hello Face Bacon, it's Cletus! I think I love the crossword circles on the penguin card as much as Lisa Page does! Way cool! Something about the graphical black and white- awesome.

    Is graphical a word? Cletus' minds want to know!

  5. Maddie can play on my team any time!!

    And did you think we WOULDN't notice that gi-normous pile of pom poms on the floor behind her kitty throne? All I can say is thank goodness the girls are NOT spoiled. We wouldn't want a CAT to get an INFLATED EGO, now would we?

    Love it! Love your blog, love the projects and all of thoughts you share here and I love, love, LOVE the girls~! Thanks, L. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  6. I love the idea of using crosswords as patterns in your cards, very neat idea!

    My old cat, Chewey-aptly named, used to gently nibble my face and ears and if I didn't respond fast enough he replaced the description "gently nibble" with "ferociously chomp"! Its funny though, its one of the things I miss most about him! Oh, just FYI, he didn't go to Kitty Heaven, he went to my in-laws as the doc said no cats while pregnant, and now they won't give him back!

  7. Love Maddie's video. I was amazed at her catching ability...she catches better than I do! I also noticed the cluster of poms behind her. Also loved the way she carefully chose her pom from the bag. So dainty. I think I may have to get some poms for my new "surrogate" fur child. She belongs to my nieces, but their mom (my sister) is extremely allergic to cats, so Dinah lives with me & my DH.
    Thanks for adding yet another smile to my day as well as creativity.
    Love & Hugs!


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