Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Maddie Shirt Sighting!

Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. HOW EXCITING!!! And YES, I am YELLING!!!!

    WV: inamino. "I'll go buy me one of those inamino two." "Now which color do I want? Let's see ... inamino miney-mo."

    Okay, I need to stop now.

  2. Ok, Leslie Hanna, you are hysterical! Thanks for the good laugh!

    Lydia, OMG! That shirt is too darn adorable! I would love to have one, but you don't have my size listed! Send me an email, too personal to esplain! Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose. What a silly mood your blog has gotten me into, I gotta stop reading it at this late hour.

    Lisa A.


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