Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inspired by..

Well, not Nature. Even though the stamp set is Inspired by Nature.

I was inspired by this.

Rarity and kinship.

Hope it shows in the cards.After I was done with them, I got kind of piney for those old Audubon style illustrations of things. They had such vivid color and nice detail.

What a cool job Audubon had.

I stamped these in Sahara Sand on white cardstock and then all I did was shade them with a grey pencil. For the two friends, I used colored pencils. Very easy. Not quick, but easy. And nice and relaxing to just spend a little time coloring while the rain falls outside all day.

I was going to add a sentiment, but I thought I'd leave it unspoken.

Off to work. Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Lydia, those look amazing!!! I love how you did this and your coloring job is fantastic!! TFS

  2. Oh my...I am going to CASE these for sure! Wowsers!

  3. Sheer brilliance. You do such amazing things. Way to ROCK the meager pencil & make it marvelous! :O)

  4. Absolutely stunning Lydia! Love, love these!

  5. I love the cards. YOu come up with such unique ideas!

  6. OMG..this is very fav card you have ever made! Lovley!

    WV idea...this is a tough WV altho I am trying to fit in swine flu somewhere in here (pyg?..)
    Will think about it LOL

  7. these are extraordinary! putting them in my to try folder!

    am a little disappointed that it's caturday -- and no kitty pictures. of course, you are working - that's rotten! hope it was sorta pleasant

    WV: culneste: indigineous word for autocratic chief that makes people work on caturday!

  8. What an awesome and unique look Lydia! I love this card set so much!


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