Friday, June 28, 2024

Sneaky Peeky at the BEACH! + Kit Giveaway

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WOW June was short. I guess that one day off the end makes a bigger difference than you think, I'd guess!

Last year I remember it was an unseasonably cool 4th, but there's no danger of that this year. I bought this fun new Japanese weeding tool that I've been dying to try out, but even right at dawn, it's already hot enough to make me lose my will. I really need to though - I have a very pernicious grass from the neighbor's yard invading my flowerbed. The roots are just awful so I love the angle and the super sharp blade. I'll let you know how it goes. 

This month's Hero Studio Card Kit has this fun mashup feel of beachy and sort of retro imagery. The little details in the kit are incredible - such as the little footprints!

Today is the sneak peek day and you are going to see some really fun peeks, but I can't really tell you too much more about what's in there!

You can win the kit by leaving comments this weekend though! You can see the list of all the peeks here and be entered to win.

I'll give you the deets on this card on Monday! I have some fun tricks for sand and whatnot.

What are your plans for the 4th? I just realized I need to get some food! LOL. I've been doing the summer eating plan - reheating in the microwave only - my freezer full of earlier cooked food is my friend right now. I'm happy winter Lydia made some lasagne. 😂


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  1. Great card, your colors are just perfect!

  2. Great card and I love the retro look.

  3. Beautiful card! The sand, water and sky are beautifully colored.

  4. What a fun card. I love the retro vibe. Love your colors and layout.

  5. So beautiful- has such a vintage feel

  6. Love this card! The sand embossing powder adds the perfect look!!

  7. Absolutely Beautiful card! Love the scene you built! I am heading to Ireland on the 4th for my family vacation! Can't wait! Have a blessed day and a safe and happy 4th!

  8. I really like the beachy look. I had wanted to make a scene like this but didn't have the right tools.

  9. Going to be celebrating my birthday on the 4th...... I love the lightlight card.... can't wait to see the rest of this kit..... love the summer and beachy vibe....

  10. Very nice scene! I love the footprints in the sand! Thanks for sharing.

  11. What a pretty card! Love the vintage couple and the colors for the water scene!

  12. I'm always interested in single layer cards. I like how this one looks with enough color to give a look of dimension.

  13. Nice old-fashioned feel, as if one could almost walk into the scene


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