Monday, June 10, 2024

Gardening and Beachy Days

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My core temperature is HIGH as I write this. I spent the morning repotting some of my outdoor plants - using up three bags of potting soil in the process so I am whooped. I only got hit in the face by one cicada, and I didn't realize how very rootbound my garlic chives were. I moved them to a container that isn't deeper, but much wider so hopefully they will spread out. My creeping thyme was also very root bound so I moved that to one of my Earth Box containers too. 

It was HOT out though - so you can't stay out for too long. 

So today I'm all about the cool, beachy vibes and one gardening vibe, which I'll start with. This is a really fun combo - a die and a 3D embossing folderreally fun combo - a die and a 3D embossing folder that you run through together to get these beautiful shaped, embossed panels/tags. I used distress inks and oxides to blend and splatter it, highlighted some with my finger and white paint, and added gold leaf around the edges. I filled in the mushroom spots with white gel pen. It's so pretty! I just love it and it speaks to my inner gardener.

The beachy vibes are starting with this little watermelon and his watermelon popsicle! Try not to think too hard about why he's a cannibal, okay? He's just enjoying his summer, and it's none of our business. The background is just ink blending on this embossing folder. The sentiment is from this set. The watermelons legs are the little swinging element - I'll put a video in my IG story!

The next one is designed by my friend Dawn! The CUTEST little seagull die! I used the layering scene stencil, but used the back side for a different orientation - I wanted him facing the sentiment - so that's a fun trick you can do with any layering stencil.

Speaking of stencils - how cute is this beachball stencil? So classic - but I've never seen a stencil like this. I added this condo key and this sentiment.

Last but not least, there'sthe cutest hippo with two different floaties - a turtle and a duck. I left off his legs, but they swing too! The background is a stunning 3D embossing folder

I hope it's cool where you are - there's no chance of that here for a while!

I'll be back tomorrow with a new video on how to make the aged map I showed the other day!


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