Monday, June 3, 2024

Squirrel Day Part 1: Tailette gets her own stamps!

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The first two babies of Clarence that I named were Tail and Tailette - both of whom Clarence taught to trust me, and who come see me daily to this day. 

I'm SO excited that Tailette now has her own stamp sets! And they're SO cute!! She's having some outdoor adventures in this series, as is her nature. 

However, like me, she's a bit high maintenance in the camping department, so she has her own Airstream pull behind with fairy lights, obvs. I colored them and put them this paper. Tailette is from this set and the sentiment is here

In this set - she's brave enough to sleep in a tent - which I would never do - but it beats being in a tree in the storms we've had recently! Luckily all my squirrels have survived them! I used the same paper and the squirrel from this Tailette set. The sentiment is from this set.

There are a few misconceptions about squirrels - firstly that they can be rabid. They really can't - and neither can rabbits. Strange rodent quirk of science. The second misconception is that they are out chewing on things at night - they are not. Squirrels head for the nest at sundown like we do. If something is chewing on your lights or gardens at nice - it's mice or rats. So this little version of Tailette is a complete lie, because it's way past her bedtime, but I could not resist a card with with this adorable van out in the desert southwest. The Tailette image and sentiment are from the same set, and both papers are here.

I hope you had a great weekend! I'll be back with even more squirrels in a few hours!! 

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