Monday, July 1, 2024

Bandana Patterned Backgrounds

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This weekend, I realized it's estivation season for my squirrels - it's HOT. I was wondering why I hadn't seen Monkey in a bit and then I just happened to go outside right at dawn and there she was! 

And y'all - the weeding tool is MAGICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC. I am so mad I've been using my scissor style snips on the oak shoots - this thing lays waste to all weeds. Apparently Japan is hoarding all the good gardening tools. I'm going to open an international investigation into what else they've been hiding from me!

What I'm not hiding from YOU today is a new bandana stencil that is freaking adorable. I save my cute squirrels for my most special backgrounds, so you're getting Tailette and her bold birthday greeting today. I used Cornflower and Indigo ink here. Do you see how I modified her? I close cut her out and trimmed off the little log, and glued her little paws on the sentiment. I just gave her two pink cheeks. 

I also tried it in Christmas colors, lime green and red which I think is adorable. 
The sentiment is from the same set and dies.

I had to try it in pink and black too and it's so fun - this is always a fun combo for a two layer stencil. This time I used the acorn Tailette and again just gave her two pink cheeks. Same sentiment set.

There's an inspiration hop for this today! The links aren't working for me today so you can see the full list here: 

Bandana Stencil
[ THR ]
Tailette Logs
[ THR ]
Tailette log dies
[ THR ]
Tailette Acorn
[ THR ]
Tailette acorn dies
[ THR ]
Sentiment stamps
[ THR ]
Sentiment Dies
[ THR ]
[ HA ]
[ HA ]
Key Lime
[ GNK ]
Red Hot
[ GNK ]
Hot Pink
[ GNK ]

I'll be back at noon with another post today, just FYI!

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  1. Fantastic projects this month! Love that you incorporated tailette in two of your cards

  2. Love all three of these amazing cards Lydia!


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