Monday, July 1, 2024

Away to the Ocean + $50 Giveaway

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I am DYING over the new map transfer sheets today with the kit release! Y'all have no idea how badly I wanted to hoard them, but that's how much I love y'all - I'm not only using one - I'm using my favorite section with the little Nessie on it!! I paired it up with this gorgeous little mermaid - singing her song to smash some boats against the rocks - muahahahah!

The kit itself has a stunning Heroscape style beach in it which you saw in my sneak! LOOK AT THE TENTACLES. omg. The kit stamps have a sort of classic, retro feel. I cannot WAIT to watercolor those rocks.

For my peek card, I did on stamp ink blending for the water and clouds in the MISTI. I hand ink blended the beach around the water - I didn't even mask off the water. I also ink blended the sky. For the sand I used my flat stencil brush with a darker ink and just pounced it. My fave part of this scene is the footprints stamps - they are so perfect and easy to use!

I also had fun with the little layering fishy stencil - the little jellies and octopi crack me up. I deliberately omitted the center bottom portion of the stencil to leave room for my sentiment, which is from this set. I stamped the little starfish and added a few sequins. 

Here are what all the extras look like this month!

Whoe Studio Kit
[ HA ]
[ HA ]
Layering Fish Stencil
[ HA ]
Tropical Fish
[ HA ]
Da Vinci Artist Bristle Brush -...
[ BLIC ]
Hero Blog Hop & Giveaway!
[ HA ]

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  1. That map rub on is my favorite, such a stunning background!

  2. You always make the best cards! I LOVE your summer scenes!

  3. Love these card designs. I love the brightness of all the little fishes! Love this release from Hero Arts.

  4. I adore the map of Europe! This is so cool.

  5. Fantastic cards! I love the beach scene!


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