Sunday, December 2, 2007

Grab a Snack - Uber Post!

Okay- lots to tell you, so get comfy. I have a crazy week coming, so after Wednesday, you won't hear from me for a week. So I have lots to show you. First of all, another Starving Artistamps Creation - from the Southwestern Ornamentals. I love this little cross! I tried to emboss it and then use my metal tape on top of it, because this and the heart I think would look great with a punched tin look, but the embossing powder wasn't thick enough to show through the tape. Too faint to photograph. So I pulled out the colors of tin and went to work!

I used basic Grey ink and cardstock, white embossing powder, a vellum metal edged tag and the pretties kit for bling!

Then a project from my camp this weekend - a little ornament with the scallop punch. You just punch out 8 scallops out of DSP, fold each of them in half, and put adhesive on them (just one half) and stick it to the folded half of the next scallop. Before you attach the last one, put a loop of silver cord with one of the beads from the pretties kit on the bottom through the middle and then attach the last scallop. **TIP** stack up all 8 scallops after you punch them, and gently crease them in half. Use this as a guide to crease them in half. This is important because if they are not all folded the exact same way, the edges will not line up on the finished ornament. How did I learn this? The hard way, for your viewing pleasure, of course. Look closely at the photo - on the left you can see those scallops aren't lined up. On the right, they are.

Then, for my Christmas card club I did a Kristina Werner card which I think is just beautiful in its simplicity. The colors are blush blossom and sage shadow - two colors I truly never use but I think they are stunning together. To get the debossed square, you just Hermafix a piece of cardstock slightly larger than the vanilla layer, stick it to the front of your card, and then flip it over on your light table and go around the edges with your Impressor. It's a fabulous, simple and elegant technique, with none of the detail required for regular em/debossing with a template. Yes, indeedy-do - your girl is a lazy embosser! :-) The square is just drawn in chocolate chip with a Stampin' Write Marker. After that I did a brown (Love the non-traditional Christmas colors) snowflake card and a cute wreath card that you make with the scallop punch, the 3/4" round punch and the three for you punch. Then I did a punch/DSP card for the regular club and a very simple "best wishes" card based on one Spamela gave me at the SSSSS. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I plan to do Christmas cards and general stamping all day.

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  1. Girl you have been spicy busy! Love all of the cards and I have wanted to try that ornament too! It will be a GR8 way for me to use SOME of my DP. Just some...

    Why aren't we going to hear from you? I would like a pic of you in the silver! Please! Have fun.


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