Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wacked Out

Okay - I know this is a little wacky, but I just loved the colors in this Basic Grey paper, and I'm trying hard to bond with this set from Stampin' Up! (see Stampin' Kub's blog for a beautiful card with it) so I put my hands together for this crazy bright fun card. I cuttlebugged the whole card front with the floral embossing folder.

Jenn said I should share my favorite gift. Tough one. My husband got me a Garmin Nuvi, which I love. I'm a complete map freak (among other things I'm freaky about) so it will be the gift I will just wear right out. I'm actually kind of hacked that I have known everywhere I've been going lately so I haven't gotten to truly navigate. I can't wait until the first time I get lost. Truly. I will be stoked. I kind of enjoy getting lost anyway.

The most beautiful things I got were a stunning cameo from my mom and a book from my dad. My mother had given me a cameo a few years ago that was just stunning. Blue, white, perfect. On a really delicate chain. One day at lunch at Central Market, it slipped off never to be seen again. It just made me sick. I hope whoever found it loved it as much as I did. So she replaced it this year with this beautiful cameo that is also on a delicate chain, but has a pin on the back!

The book is called the Art of the Snowflake, and it has these stunning photographs of snowflakes that are just indescribable. You should buy this for everyone you know! He gave it to me because I sent out a Christmas card a year or two ago with an anatomically incorrect snowflake! It's true - mine had 8 legs, and he was terminally scarred by this as a scientist. So this book proves once and for all that snowflakes have a geometry based on 6, not 8. ALLRIGHTY I GET IT. And now you all do too. :)

The funniest gift I got was from my sister in law. It's a t-shirt that says "English Major - You do the Math." LOVE IT!!!
Then I got tons of other gifts from incredibly special people. There are things that people give you that just define treasure, you know?
I know you do.
I kind of feel a bunch of posts coming on, so bear with me.


  1. I can relate. My husband and I often clash with our science vs art way of thinking.

  2. Cool card, cool stuff! would LOVE to see the snowflake book, and i may just get to, as i have a $50 gift card to borders that i can use as soon as the gifts from IL arrive! glad you're back to away!

  3. Love your "wacky" card. Just go wild Lydia, don't be afraid of the colours!


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