Monday, December 31, 2007

Wild, Sweet ... Orange

Have you had this tea at Starbucks? It's incredible. It's the most intensely flavored tea they have I think. I finally bought myself some.

I wasn't feeling so hot today so I made myself some and forgot that I had the box in my hand when I went to sit on the couch for a while. It is a beautiful box - vanilla with bright sunny orange accents and copper type. In the copper type is some philosophy, some practical things, like contact info, and some beautiful little details like a symmetrical cross, some filigree, a signature and some things that look like tax stamps. In black on the copper top is just the word "symbol". They put a lot of art into a box of orange tea. On the back it says "Did you know? If you were to invert the first letter of this tea's name, you would change the description of it entirely." From Wild to Mild in one letter.

That's how things are too. A little tilt and everything is completely different. I, personally, am glad that it's wild, not mild. Go get some.

Anyway, after I felt like moving around again, I gave myself my own inspiration challenge with the box. All I wanted were the vanilla, the copper, the orange and the words to come through. Hope you like it.
I used the little chipboard diamonds from the on board blossoms and basics with Encore Copper and Copper EP for the accents. I pulled the paper out of a copper metal edged tag to frame the stamp from the Simply Sent and used a rhinestone brad in the center. The orange background paper is from Basic Grey. It has a lot of texture built in that you can't really see in my photo.
The top 2/3 of the card is stamped with the crackle background stamp in Creamy Caramel. Other colors are Pumpkin Pie, Basic Black and Chocolate Chip (all Classic Ink).
I hope you all have a happy New Year's & a safe one. Feel free to post a New Year's resolution or two.
2008 is the year of blog candy on Understand Blue, and you just never know when I might start. I just got over 1000 visits, so I'm feeling generous! Plus one of my resolutions is to re-org the stamp room and that means my downsizing is your gain!!


  1. I love warm coppery anything and I am happy that you take time to see things in a different light, or at least appreciate little things. Really like your card. Hope you feel alright. Happy New Year!
    My resolution is to make birthday cards for everyone I know and get them mailed for at least the same week as the birthdate!
    Thanks for your blog, I appreciate your writings!

  2. mmmmm....copper! wouldn't have thought to pair it with orange, but it's very cool, just like you! i like WSO tazo too, but it is quite intensely flavored, just like Passion tazo.

    i don't make new year's resolutions, but i like chriss'!

    thanks for all you've shared!

  3. Hi! This is my first time to your blog and I love it! Everything is so fun to look at and is my 'taste'. I LOVE that t-shirt you have posted too!! My main New Year resolution is to not spend any money on craft supplies and instead to donate the money I saved to the Crohn's and Colits Foundation.
    Cheryl KVD

  4. The crackle background stamp... who what when and where!!!! I love this card and really enjoy your blog and work. And my resolution.. cards,cards and more cards!!


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