Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter White

Hola amigas! (& amigos, if u r out there)
I am finally done with my Christmas cards!! In a few days after everyone receives them, I will post them here. They were a labor of love. Originally, they were very simple, no layers, on white cardstock. I was uneasy. So I added a glittery embossed snowflake for dimension. I still tossed and turned each night at all that white. Something wasn't right. One day at lunch, I zipped over to Memory Depot and discovered something that changed the design for good - it was the Opalite pigment interference ink in Glacier Blue. You must buy yourself some immediately. First, I stamped the "Joy" on basic grey and it was beautiful, Then I stamped some snowflakes in it - also beautiful, but not stunning. The cards still looked a little flat, despite profuse Copic Marker watercoloring, Twinkling H2O's and stickles. Something was missing. Late on Thursday night, with the house all to myself, I discovered that if you paint with an aqua painter and the refill to the Opalite ink all over your blue angel, you have an AHA moment of bliss! So, sad that I had already sent a few out, I cut apart all the boring white cards, careful to save my custom greeting on the inside, layered my card, and finally finished them all today. The last of them are drying in the kitchen.
So then I was left with 150 embossed snowflakes that I could not bring myself to throw away. So I carefully punched them each out and decided to turn my enemy - white, into my friend. Here is the result. I think I will use these for Thank You cards after Christmas. See what you think.
The rest of today will be spent crafting. Check out my newly added Etsy Shop - link at right. Last night my sister and I had a blast etching wine glasses and it was so fun!! So I decided I would open a little store just for the heck of it. I'll add cards very soon.

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  1. you made 150 embossed snowflakes and THEN changed direction with your card design? i call that a TRUE labor of love! i love the all white card, and i'm glad you're back in cyberland. gotta stop typing and ice my hand...see my post for the reason. can you relate?


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