Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deep Breaths...

I'm trying. Tonight I can look at the catalog. Actually, I already have and I LOVE IT!! For starters, it's PINK !! How fun is that? And I don't know where to start on all the things I want. All the rub-ons, all the paper, the "Always" stamp set, "Kind Thoughts" a couple hostess sets. Man. *sigh* And speaking of rub-ons, I've been using them a lot, and I have some tips. 1> throw away that insulting popsicle stick that comes with them. That is completely retarded. Get yourself a teflon tipped burnisher like these.

Then carefully set your sheet of rub-ons on your work surface. If it sticks to things (The Stampin' Up! ones are very sticky) then watch out. These might need TLC. The SU! ones are also very close together on the sheet, so this makes accidental burnishing likely and you might get parts of images you don't want. So learn from my mistakes and cut out your images before you transfer them. Then you will be happy. Keep the protective sheet for as long as you have the set also, you will need to store them together so that the images aren't damaged. These are lovely and detailed, so they are worth the extra effort.
A lot of you are asking what would possess a woman to make 180 cookies. Many years ago, when I was in HR, I started a tradition at our corporate office of baking treats for all of our branches at Christmas to show them our gratitude. We have grown a lot since we started, so the number of cookies has grown! This year we made 18 packages of 10 cookies each. For me, it was all about the package, of course. So I used the tea tins from PaperTrey Ink, covered them with DSP and filled them with a roll of 10 sugar cookies with matching sprinkles!!!

Finally, I want to show all you UB readers who do not live in Central Texas what lives in our trees. We have these "creatures" made from ball moss that clump all over our oak trees. Sometimes they drop into the street or your driveway and you can see this little scary tumbleweedy looking thing up close. Some people perpetuate the complete and total wicked lie that these don't hurt our trees, but they will kill an oak tree. Do you see this one clutching a branch of MY OAK TREE???? So stop lying. And to those of you who are not lying, stop believing the liars. Ball moss = badness. They even sound the same if you say em fast. I am pretty sure I saw beady little eyes on this one... ;)

More soon..


  1. ok, call me a warped non-TXan, but i think those are cool looking. but, then again, this from the same woman who picked up fallen bean pods from locust trees and spray painted them gold for my Christmas tree because they twisted in a cool way. THEY didn't hurt anything...

    thanks for the tips on the rub-ons. sure su!'s not selling a burnisher in accessories? my catalog came today and i haven't even cracked it open yet. sort of afraid to...

  2. Thanks for the burnishing tips. I haven't tried these yet...
    Your tins look amazing!
    As for the "moss balls"...I think that they have a lot of little parasites in them.

  3. Where to find the burnisher kit at???

  4. Hi :) I looked this up, looks like they're not true parasites but large infestations can still be harmful to trees, interesting. Are they easy to pick off?


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