Sunday, November 25, 2007

Help - I'm stamping and I can't get up!!!

Okay - last one of the night and then I promise I'm going to bed. But I had to end on a blue note!

I stamped these feathers (Starving Artistamps) in Basic Black on Soft Sky, and then went over all the negative spaces with my white gel pen. Cool. Then I hand wrote "for you" in the white gel pen on a 1/4" black strip and mounted a rhinestone brad *sigh* - love these - on the strip and put the whole thing together.

You will hear my heart break when / if this color goes away.
PS -I was inspired by a layout in the most recent Anthropologie catalog. I'm not sure why I get this catalog, since I don't have ten billion spare dollars lying around to buy a teacup or a small pottery owl, but it is a lovely catalog, with hundreds of great color combinations and layout ideas ripe for the stamper in me to CASE. But seriously - plates for $80,000? Who are the people for whom this is intended? Even if there's a chance I'm exaggerating the prices a tad, I'm really going to need to know the answer to that question. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying one of everything in that catalog, and two of anything that looks like an owl, FYI. =)

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  1. perhaps i'm overtired from serving too many peppermint white mochas or there's some deep-seated weirdness in my brain, but the feather below the "for you" makes me think of a bug instead of a feather. what would Rorschach do with me? suggest sleep, perhaps. i'm off to dreamland so that i can live to serve coffee another day.

    btw, have you seen the white ceramic mugs with BLUE snowflakes at Sbux? they make me think of you...and they're on clearance!


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