Thursday, November 1, 2007

Oh My!! Short Month, Small World

WOW. It's a small world. First of all, let me urge you to check out Kristina Werner's PDF Calendars on her blog. They are awesome, and she is quick like a bunny about sending them to you. Her designs are wonderful. Speaking of, I copied one of her samples of typography, and my hat is off to her, because I can't make anything look like she does. But the simplicity and power of what she did with this alphabet I hope comes through if you haven't seen the original. That girl has an eye.

Now here's a story that really makes me smile. So I post my Halloween Costume, and the extremely hilarious author of the Say Cheese blog, with whom I've corresponded over the last few months, sends me a note to say her brother in law works for my company!!! What the heck are the odds? I've known him for 16 years. He's been with our company for 20. A few years ago he told me that his sister in law was a stamper too, but seriously, how did we then end up crossing paths in the blogosphere?? I love this!! So hey there, TC. I'm floored.
I hope everyone is as happy about fall as I am, and I hope you're half as busy! =) Tell me what you're up to. Gotta go - computerguy is coming with my second hard drive in less than two months. Maybe I'm emitting a magnetic field like on LOST.
Oh hey - any ideas for my club this weekend would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. this is cool! what about doing something similar to this using some Christmas word, like peace, joy, noel, or merry for your card club? watercoloring the letters would be pretty on craft or white or off-white.

    btw, i think your costume is great!


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