Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alllrighty then..

I've always said that the best innovators in stamping are from cold places like Minnesota. Women in the upper midwest come up with crazy brilliant ideas - toilet paper stamping, baby wipe techniques, etc. My theory has always been that they are locked inside for many months, while us ADDridden Texans are outside frolicking and chasing butterflies on our 80 degree November days with not an original thought in our heads.. Well, I had my own Minnesota moment today, despite the almost 90 degree lovely fall day. While making my treats (see previous post), I was continually distracted by (and by distracted by I mean EATING) the lovely Doves. I took my bone folder, smoothed one out, adhered it to a cardstock scrap, and punched it out to make this ornament - what do you think?

And, since Schriss (after narrowly escaping a demerit today by sharing her insanely adorable lawyer invitation that she's making 750 of by Tuesday!) asked, I guess I gotta share my Martha Obsession. Here it is, much to my shame. A billion punches, her stunningly beautiful ultrafine glitter in blue, her gel adhesive, some markers I don't even know why I bought, and - can you even tell? The craft knife I went to get. Grr. I'm gonna have so much fun!!!
So now I will clean my desk *sigh* since I won't get to stamp for a week because of the meeting. I hate the way work interferes with my fun! =)

See you soon!


  1. I like the ornament and the ribbon, but i think the sentiment and other design elements are too small. if you have peaceful wishes, i'd make an evergreen branch for this to "hang" from and then it would be magnifique! too bad you're going to be unable to stamp this week.

  2. LOVE how you've changed the rockin' girl blogger to blue!! LOL!!

    And lol @ Minnesota women ... great idea about the wrapper though ;o)

    (also lol @ being distracted by eating ... a girl after my own heart ... heck your whole blog makes me lol!!)


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