Saturday, November 17, 2007

Glitter Cam

Are you intrigued? Do you know where I'm going with this? Here's the back story. I'm making this card (which I don't even know I'm making until this happens...) and I open up my beautiful, sacred, hoarded Martha Stewart glitter that I told you about. The pretty turquoise blue kind. Oh, I can't wait. I peel off the plastic seal on the outside (apparently terrorists are trying to put anthrax in my glitter because it's locked up like Tylenol!) turn the lid and see two different shake & pour options (man, she thinks of everything) and try to shake some off. Nada. So I look harder and see the second, Al Qaeda level seal on the inside. Try as I might, with all my extensive Jack Bauer CTU tips, I can't get the lid off. So I poke the seal with my Martha craft knife, at which point I realize it's hard plastic and really needs to come out. At this point I've almost lost interest in the project I haven't even invented yet, and I'm feeling like nuking Afghanistan just in case they're responsible. So I apply brute force to the lid, which of course pops right off, spraying me with about two ounces of ultra fine, dazzlingly beautiful glitter. Now I kinda have to make something, since I will match my project for time immemorial. So here's what I came up with. I used her glue, which comes with a brush applicator in the lid, sprinkled all the glitter from my hair and desk on top of it, shook my glittery cat over it, used her punch to punch out a snowflake from DSP, and used versamark and clear ep for the greeting and the circle behind the punched out snowflake. See how frugal I am when I'm sparkly? ;)
Anyway, when I took this picture and the pic of the previous card, I was as usual frustrated with how bad glitter looks in photos. Why can't I capture it's sparkly little soul? If someone could invent a glitter cam they'd be a bizmillionaire!

Hope you are having a sparkly weekend yourselves!! My friend Yvonne got a really huge order for some custom cards - Bravo!!

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  1. glad to hear you foiled the terrorists. i like this layout quite a bit and i have 4 cards to make on my days off tomorrow and wed. before turkey day, so don't be surprised if it shows up on my blog in a few days! i like the autumnal card too.


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