Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Catty Spoilers!!!

Hey Everybody!!! New Catty Spoiler ahead - So don't look if you don't want to know. But if you shake your Christmas present, my friends, GET READY. First, to give you time to look away, a few items..

The first is Pierre - when I got home, he was just laying at the bottom of his bowl. Why so sad Pierre? He's doing that this morning too. Do fish get cold? My room is pretty cold. I hope he perks up today. Next, I took some pictures of the boards last night and among many amazing things... THIS.

On the outside of this box, a lady made a beautiful mosaic - out of 1/8 INCH CIRCLES SHE PUNCHED!!

I am not kidding!! Look closely at that flower. Those are all teeny punched pieces of cardstock. how in the world she brought herself to send that in to Stampin' Up! is beyond me!!!

But she did and we all get to see it. Wow. People are amazing.

Now, for the catty spoilers!! I won't label every photo, but I tried to fill requests - Babs asked for Simply Scrappin - so there's some of those, also the amazing new Simply Sent kits, the new wide ribbon, some incredible rubons and a sampling of the gorgeous DSPs. Notice the greeting rubons, and the "classified" stamp which I think is so cute. O yeah, and the little felt flowers in NEW COLORS!! Check it!
Enjoy! I'm off to Day 1 - should be a blast!! I can't wait!!
If you have questions, please leave me a comment and I'll answer the in my next post!


  1. Great pictures! Thank you for all the shots of the new DSP. I am dying here!

    I'm calling the time-share folks to see if I can get mail while we are at the condo. Of course, then I have to wait until my catalogs get here still and have someone send me one, but that will be!

    Have more fun, take more pictures!

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your wonderful photos from convention (how did you know I open Christmas presents before Christmas? --lol, or I did when I was a kid?....butter knives are the best for slitting the tape open on the end of the box and then retaping) ROFLOL

    Keep sharing and I'm watching your TV clips and their great.

    Hope you don't mind - adding you to my blog roll too!! I love your blog.

    Judy :)

  3. careful on photoing the new catty-- they need to be messy bc of copyright. Take a picture of your scissors you left on top of your catty.. :)

  4. Thanks so much for all of the great updates!
    Have a blast!


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