Friday, July 18, 2008

Monkeys Dig Sushi

They're vegetarians, right? Then the Kappa rolls, the bond rolls (no salmon) and surely the yummy sorbets would appeal to a sock monkey right?

I hope so.

I did this one for an extra tough Kristina Werner Color Challenge. I love each of these colors individually, but when I put them together, it was hard to come up with something.

Until my sister-in-law emailed me and said she was up for Uchi. Which is FULL of very vanilla, certainly celery, soft sky and pumpkin pie!!!! Purrfect.

I added only black.

I made the sushi with my large oval punch - I trimmed both the black and white pieces by hand - the white AFTER I stuck it to the black. Then I made circles with my pumpkin pie marker, and added crystal effects and iridescent ice embossing powder.

I hand cut the chopsticks out of Very Vanilla, and made up some completely not japanese characters on the handles.

I hand cut the celery "chives", and the orange sushi tray.

Great challenge!!!


  1. way to do a challenge...too cute!

  2. Very cute card! And I love sock money. I used to have one when I was a kid and no he is not scarey.
    Susan N.

  3. if this doesn't get picked by her, i'll be shocked! this is UBER creative! love it! sock monkey is not scary, even as a ghost!

  4. love the way your card looks! Way to push through and make the combo work for you...

  5. Lydia, this is just amazing! The more you look at it, the more you see. The impact just keeps on growing. Well done! All the local sock monkeys are doing a hula in your honor. With aloha nui,

  6. Super Cool Card! I love the look of the sushi! Great Job!


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