Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's torture. I had sock monkey dreams last night. Me coloring his little feet, cutting him out, dancing around my studio with him..

Well not really - that's just ridiculous. But he's coming!!! We've got about 48 hours to sock monkey touch down here at command and control and we are READY!!!

In the meantime, here's a little ditty for you. This was the card I made that aired on yesterday's Understand Blue Paper Arts show. It's a soft sky base, with two pieces of MARTHA STEWART SELF ADHESIVE RIBBON!! This stuff is amazing. it comes wrapped on a card and completely changes putting ribbon on cardstock - no glue dots, no worrying that your snail will let go and your ribbon will fly off - it's smooth, straight, flat, perfect!! Or as we used to say in the days of disco - DEAD SOLID PERFECT!!!

Then a Martha pennant, two Martha self adhesive gorgeous blue rhinestones, and the cupcake image from ABC Images, accented with a Copic marker and Martha blue glitter. *sigh*

So fun.

Headed up to Marmalade Skies this evening for family night - I can't wait!

Then my two batches of dueling lemon bars (Martha's recipe vs. the Cook's Magazine recipe) will be finished and we'll see who wins!!!


  1. Loved the show yesterday Lydia! The little miss laid down on the couch and konked out for me too.

    I am on countdown here right now as well...SAB is arriving tomorrow and new stuff on Friday!!! Check out my little post today about my UPS man...sure to make you laugh.

    Hope you have fun at Marmalade Skies tonight...and even more fun with the lemon bars.

  2. I can't wait to see the sock monkey!! My SU Demo is vacationing for a month, so I have had no news about this other than your great blog.
    Sock monkeys mean a lot to me, my beloved grandpa loved them for some kooky reason. There is a mini sock monkey that holds flowers at his graveside. I know, we are crazy!!! But he would love it :-)
    I gotta make a sock monkey cards for my family!


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