Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Art Supplies

There are two blogging ladies that have introduced me to more great art supplies than I know what to do with - Julie Ebersole of Paper Trufflez, and Gina Krupsky of Gina K. In addition to discovering and using great products, they also give wonderful instruction. Julie is the first person who explained Copic Markers in a way that made me want to buy them, and her samples are wonderful. Same with Gina and Koh-I-Noor pencils and Gamsol. (She is right - her Blending sticks (I REFUSE to say st--ps) are better than everyone else's)

Anyway, I say all this to introduce you to a new Blue List site - Blick Art Materials. I saw Julie's post with this freaking adorable snowman card and I really wanted to try those pastel pencils!! I love pastels and this look was just yummy. So I clicked the link in her post and looked at the product. Now the site she links to has 24 pencils for $52. I have been a long time customer of Blick, so I headed over there to compare. 24 pencils for $32.75 - that's a pretty big difference! The 72 Copic Sketch Markers are $299 - much less than I've seen on other sites. Vicki even found a lower price than this on Copics, but I can't remember the site - Vicki, leave a comment if you remember.

Their service is fantastic, they have super fast shipping and they have every sort of art supplies under the sun.

So into the Blue List they go. And of course, I had to get the pencils and HOPE I can make something as sassy as Julie did.

As the great disco standard goes - you better shop around.

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