Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sock Monkey it To Me!!

Okay - I'm a little shaken up by some of the things I've read about my beloved sock monkey stamp on various boards. Apparently there are people who are frightened by S-Monk. (My rap name for Sock Monkey) I am trying to type really quietly so he doesn't hear me. He'd be devastated. He's very sensitive and wants everyone to like him. He's really all about peace and love so you can imagine how something like that would affect him. I can't have that.

So I made a CLASSIC sock monkey presentation for my sister in law's birthday card. I did research and everything as you can see from the link.. Can you imagine how much fun I'd have if I didn't have to work? If I could be a SAHS (Stay at home stamper) you people would be ENTERTAINED!!! *sigh*

Wait - where was I?

Oh, yeah, so recreating the sock texture is tough. In my mind they had little ribs in stripes, but in real life they're kinda spotty. So I colored him and then did small darker spots and small white spots. The Copics I used were: W1, W4, E50, E34, E71, R27, and then because that wasn't dark enough, R46 on top of that. W1 was used for his shadow. The card base and mat are real red, the panel behind the monkey is Sahara Sand, and I used a little shiny rhinestone and some Martha Stewart glitter - Brownstone - with Martha Stewart Craft glue on the cupcake.

Wanna hear a story? I do not have any sort of Zindorf patience for masking. So I completely ghetto'd this up. First, I made sure my white cardstock was exactly the size of the wood block for the sock monkey. Then I stamped him on a post it with the right edge of the wood block lined up exactly with the right edge of the post it, and just sorta cut him out - like, basically, his left arm (your right). Then I put him down on the white panel, and guestimated where the cupcake would be. Removed the post it and stamped the cupcake. Lazy, again, I stamped the cupcake on a post it and cut out only the bottom part, hoping I was right. Masked it and stamped the monkey on top - lining him up with the right edge of my cardstock like I did on the post it note. IT WORKED! Laziness pays! :)

Anyway, about to head out to one of those Brazilian steakhouses. I of course go for the fried bananas and the popovers, but I hear some people like the steak!

It's a birthday dinner for my husband's brother and his wife, both of whom have birthdays this month.

I have some HYSTERICAL t-shirts for them that I hope they like.

Hey - Carrie, Judie and Lynne - you won stamp sets. Carrie I need your address! :) Please email me directly. Someone who posted anonymously did too, but I won't know who you are if you're anonymous! Contact me for a prize - there's a link to my email on my sidebar.

C Ya.


  1. Love the sock monkey and love the Brazilian steakhouse!! We go to the one down south here "Estancia" and I won't even tell you how many baskets of those cheesy delicious popovers I make them bring to our table. I blame it on the child. She is a carbo addict like I am, so that isn't too hard.

    As for the Sock Monkey naysayers...well, you just keep telling your little monkey he is good enough, he is special enough, and doggone it, people like him!

  2. what in the world could stampers find to complain about regarding the S-Monk?!? seriously! if you find it too hard to mask in order to put something in his paw, just stamp it on another sheet, cut it out, and put it on on a dimensional or just stuck right on! i think the work you did to make him look authentic is marvy.

  3. You've done a fantastic job with your Sock Monkey! Don't let others' opinions about him bother you. Sometimes people just don't "get it".


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