Sunday, July 20, 2008

Blue Bunnies

These blue bunnies have a little "I miss you" feeling, I think. I love them!

They are an Art Neko image, colored with Copics - B32, YR23, Y11 and B29 (the best blue ever!!)

I auditioned for Maker Faire today and I brought this card with me for luck. I think it worked!

I made a different version of it also that I put the crackle glaze on and stuck on the front of my book where I have my samples I used today. It's cool because the glaze spread the black ink out a little and made it look fuzzy. Fuzzy Bunnies. :)
Today was a day when I got about 2 things off a list of a billion done. Ya know?
Wish I could just go sit in a little yellow field of blue bunnies and get my head organized again.
Think I'll do that before I fall asleep. :)
Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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